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This interview is part of the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest! You can answer it here.

Thanks for joining us! Please tell us about yourself.

Let’s talk about the centralized Internet first. What is your opinion on the centralized internet? What are its advantages/disadvantages?

What does decentralization mean to you?

How is decentralization changing the Internet?

What’s the best thing about the decentralized internet?

Are you currently working directly or indirectly on the decentralized internet use case? We would like to know more about this.

What are the biggest challenges on the path to decentralized web?

Do you have any apprehension or fear related to the decentralization of the Internet?

How do you see the future of decentralized internet?

Thank you for your time! Any closing thoughts/tips for readers?

For those reading about this for the first time, HackerNoon has partnered with Everscale (formerly Free Ton) – a decentralized, community-powered blockchain movement for a free internet! You can see all the #Decentralized-Internet stories here.



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