What organs in the human body produce electricity? Tricky questions about IAS


Try answering these fun and witty UPSC IAS interview questions that applicants have been asked for many years. Those who managed to answer it are now public servants.

UPSC Civil Services Interview is the final step of the UPSC CS exam. Candidates are screened in UPSC Prelims, Mains and then reach the interview stage. Over the years, applicants have reported a few puzzle questions that have been asked during interviews. Take a look at a few of them below.

UPSC IAS Interview Questions: Answer the following questions

The first question that shook many candidates was in which country is an escape from prison not punishable by law?

Such a country does not in fact exist, but in Germany, one cannot be punished for being released from prison, because freedom and independence are a fundamental right there. So if you want to escape from a prison in Germany you can, but once caught you will only be tried for the crime you were in prison for in the first place.

Focusing on zoology, a candidate was asked- which animal has the strongest bones of all? The winning answer is not human. It’s a tiger. Tigers have the densest and strongest bones. The candidate who answered this question correctly is currently a civil servant.

UPSC CSE has a reputation for being a tough exam. Interviews scare off most applicants. Candidates are so nervous in advance that they sometimes mess up their personality tests.

Instead, if candidates keep their minds fresh before showing up for interviews, they would easily have a successful interview.

A tricky question asked of a candidate is What substance does not melt but solidifies when heated? The winning answer was Egg. The egg when heated does not melt but solidifies.

Try to answer this question. You are in flight and you are asked to jump without a parachute. How did you stay alive? The answer is that the plane was on the runway. You haven’t thought of that, have you?

So, finally, answer this question. who organ of the human body produces electricity? No, not your heart, but your brain. The human brain produces 10 to 15 watts of electricity.

However, one question that confused candidates the most and was asked the most often was: what cannot be reduced once increased? You didn’t understand the question, did you? His age ! Your age only increases over time but cannot be reduced even by one minute.

We hope these UPSC interview questions have made you realize that the interviewers sitting there are not just checking facts or your knowledge, but also your personality. The way one answers and handles these witty questions says a lot about one’s personality.

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