What is the IQ test for NFL players called? All you need to know


Each year, NFL executives collate countless statistics ahead of the NFL Draft, which examines the outlook for the coming season. While a player’s physical performance is often taken into account, testing isn’t limited to physical stats and more. Players are required to pass an intelligence test, which also allows their skills to be assessed before the NFL Draft.

What is the IQ test for NFL players called?

Now, scouts end up using multiple techniques to determine various perspectives ahead of the NFL Draft. However, for its unique intelligence, where aptitude and cognitive ability are tested, one takes the help of the Wonderlic Test or the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Lasting a few minutes, the IQ is calculated via multiple choice questions.

What is the Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic test is a kind of IQ test, which tests the skills and ability of players to learn and solve problems. One can score between one and 50. According to reports, an average NFL player scores around 20 points, while the number 10 is needed to indicate basic understanding. The Wonderlic test lasts approximately 12 minutes and contains 50 MCQs.

The test, although used annually, has mixed reviews. Some apparently believe there is no connection between the test and his NFL career. However, some believe it makes a difference.

The number of questions answered therefore reflects the score. For example, if a player answers 30 questions, they’ll score 30. There are apparently two types of Wonderlick questions – basic and advanced. Calculators are not allowed, while players can skip questions.

Wonderful test results for some current NFL players

  • Carson Wentz, quarterback – 40
  • Aaron Rodgers, quarterback – 35
  • Kirk Cousins, quarterback – 33
  • Tom Brady, quarterback – 33
  • Ezekiel Elliott, running back – 32
  • Matt Ryan, quarterback – 32
  • Myles Garrett, defensive end – 31
  • JJ Watt, defensive end – 31
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback – 29
  • Nick Foles, quarterback – 29
  • Russell Wilson, quarterback – 28
  • Jameis Winston, quarterback – 27
  • Dak Prescott, quarterback – 25
  • Patrick Mahomes, quarterback – 24
  • Alvin Kamara, running back – 24
  • Jalen Ramsey, cornerback – 24
  • Marshon Lattimore, cornerback – 23
  • Cam Newton, quarterback – 21
  • Deshaun Watson, quarterback – 20
  • Derek Carr, quarterback – 20

Best IQ test scores for NFL players

  • Pat McInally, wide punter / receiver – 50
  • Mike Mamula, defensive end – 49
  • Kevin Curtis, wide receiver – 48
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, quarterback – 48
  • Ben Watson, tight end – 48

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