What happens if the red stone is thrown into blue water? Wittiest IAS Questions Till Date


Take a look at some of the witty questions asked in UPSC interviews over the years. Candidates should keep an open mind to answer the questions the way they are asked. You must beware! none of these questions have a straight answer.

The UPSC IAS exam is conducted in three layers. The first layer is UPSC Prelims, the second is UPSC Mains and the last but the one that requires the most preparation is UPSC Interview. UPSC IAS interviews used to be a little weird for some and difficult for others. One thing that remains common to all candidate opinions is to answer with all their minds. Every year, aspirants tell us which question surprised them the most. Check some of those weird questions that have been asked in UPSC interviews below. Also, you can contemplate the answers given by the candidate below.

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UPSC Interview Questions: Try Answeringfollowing

How can a man go without sleep for 8 days?

You’d start to imagine, but the winning answer was a contestant who said, “Easily, he should just sleep at night.”

We bet you haven’t thought of this answer.

Another question that baffles a common mind is – What would you do if I ran away with your sister?

The boy who was asked this question said he would celebrate because he wouldn’t be able to find a better match than him for his sister.

There are also factual issues. These go like:

What is a regional index?

Many may wonder what a gazetteer does. But the winning answer was that a district gazetteer was a gazetteer that was formed every year during the time of the British in India. It was about all the geographical details of the country.

Try to answer this question. What animal cries like a human when injured?

The answer is a bear. A wild bear cries like a human when injured. You thought of a cat, didn’t you?

This one is easy. What is the color of the sun’s rays?

The answer lies in the color books of your childhood. VIBGYOR! It stands for purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Another question that was asked to an aspirant who was appearing with public administration as an option was – Under which section would someone be charged with proposing a girl?

The answer to that was, none. There was no punishment under the IPC for proposing to a girl. In case of harassment after that, there would be a punishment.

And finally, What if a red stone was thrown into blue waters? The answer to this question is simpler than you might have imagined. He will drown. The stone would follow the rules of gravity, regardless of its color.

So hopefully the myth is now clear. UPSC interviews are not that difficult. Investigators demand that you simply sit in front of them with an open mind. Best wishes to all applicants taking part in the UPSC 2022 interviews.

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