Viral video: Woman accidentally submits a snippet of her mocking job interview questions to a recruiting firm


Woman submits video of her teasing job interview questions


  • Chaylene didn’t realize the camera was rolling when she poked fun at the interview question
  • There was no second attempt and she had to submit her first attempt
  • “OK, so I was going to say…OH NO…I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it was recording,” she said.

We all prepare for job interviews by preparing mock questions and answers. Even after all the practice, we might end up having a bad job interview. But have you ever sent embarrassing images of yourself mocking interview questions to your potential employer?

That’s exactly what happened with Chaylene Martinez trying to land a flight attendant job with SkyWest Airlines.

Chaylene was asked to send in a recording of herself answering a question. She called a friend to help her talk about her response, but she didn’t know the camera was already rolling. There was no second attempt and she had to submit her first attempt.

She told her friend on the phone, “The question is…the dumbest question I’ve ever read in my life. Okay, ‘what’s your impression of Skywest’s corporate culture and what is it?’ ‘does that do you?'”

She continued, “Ahhh…we were just talking about mission statements at work – you know how every company has a mission statement? So anyway I was going to say…but I just can’t. not phrase it correctly and you have to record yourself saying it, so it’s so awkward.”

She added, “I was going to say ‘my impression of SkyWest’s culture is based on the mission statement you have’.”

Moments later, she had a horrible realization. “OK, so I was going to say… OH NO… I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it was recording, I was practicing. So I was going to say… sorry,” she said. .

“Definitely not getting the job. Sorry skywest,” she captioned the clip, which went viral.

In a follow-up video, Chaylene said her boss had already seen the video and knew she was now looking for another job.

She added: “Somebody hire me fast before I get fired.”

One user said, “The amount of emotions she went through when she realized what was going on.” Another wrote: “Worth automatic hiring. ‘Adjusts and solves problems, showcasing collaboration skills through video and technical proficiency’.”


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