Tricky Questions Asked Over the Years in the UPSC Civil Services Personality Test – How Many Can You Answer?


The UPSC Civil Services interview or personality test would be done in a month or two. Those who passed the main exam would appear in the interview at the Commission. Check your readiness by answering the questions below.

The UPSC interview is the last step for any candidate to become a civil servant. It is not easy to cope with the UPSC personality test which has many tricky questions asked of applicants. Additionally, those interviewing the candidates are all experienced IAS agents, who are sitting there grilling whoever is sitting in the chair surrounded by them. Take a look at the various questions asked by interviewers during a Civil Service interview below. Check how many questions can you answer correctly.

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UPSC Interview Questions: Check Your Intelligence!

The candidates leave the campus of the UPSC sometimes very red. They are tested for their patience, quick wits and knowledge of their subject and their country inside the premises. This is what is required of an IAS officer, as one might say.

A candidate was asked “One camel sits facing east while the other sits facing west. Can they eat from one container?

The candidate would surely be perplexed at first but could find the answer on the spot. Yes, they can eat from one container as they sit face to face.

You haven’t thought of that? You need to improve your brain through such reasoning exercises.

Another interesting question asked was that can a man stay alive without sleeping for 8 days?

the The answer is yes ! You can stay asleep at night and stay awake for 8 days. This was a general IQ-based question asked by the interviewer.

Verification of a candidate’s knowledge asked by an interviewer How do peacocks being a bird reproduce if they don’t lay eggs?

The candidate hastened to reply that he is not the peacock that lays eggs. Since it is a male, the peahen lays eggs.

One question asked was also totally knowledge based. “What country on Earth doesn’t have a single railroad?”

The answer to that was that countries like Bhutan, Cyprus, Iceland, etc. are countries that do not have a railway network.

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Apart from this, applicants are also checked for their reasoning and sharp mind. Try to answer this question correctly- A cat has three children, a cat named their January, February and March. What is the cat’s name?

This can get a lot of confusion. The answer is “What”. That’s the cat’s name.

Good! try answering this- If 3 is crowd, what are 4 and 5?

Think harder, if there is a proverb related to these numbers. Nothing? Of course, because 4 and 5 always make 9.

The last by us would be What does half an apple look like?

“The second half”, you should have understood that instantly. The candidate who answered that question in seconds is now an IAS officer.

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