The 10 most common interview questions – and how to answer them


Ah, the dreaded open interview question. Knowing how to answer this question – although common – can be tricky. How far should you go in your professional career? Is it okay to talk about your unprofessional background as well? According to Jacques Buffett, career expert at Zety, the answer to the latter question is no.

“Don’t get into a description of your personal life and interests,” he said. “The interviewer is not interested in your love of Instagrammable vacation spots or your weekend activities. They want to know you in a professional context. in your own words – not in a stereotypical resume format, but to prove that you can demonstrate why you are a good candidate. They will examine your communication skills and your ability to present yourself in a professional context. “

Buffett recommends taking a “present-past-future” approach to answering this question.

“Start with the present, talk about your current job – what that entails, and add a nice juicy accomplishment that you have accomplished,” he said. “Then go back to the past, mentioning how your career has brought you to this position and adding other relevant skills and experiences from previous jobs. Finally, move on to the future, explaining why you want this position and why you are a good candidate for it. “

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