Take this Mensa IQ test and see if you’re ready to qualify


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Think you have what it takes to become Mensa? Founded in 1946, the exclusive nonprofit organization is only open to people who score at the 98th percentile or above on a standardized IQ test. With members in over 100 countries, Mensa’s mission is “to identify and foster human intelligence for the good of mankind; to encourage research into the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence; and to offer a stimulating intellectual and social environment to its members.

Popular science posted some sample intelligence test questions that are similar to what you would see on a Mensa IQ exam. Testing verbal, spatial and mathematical reasoning, these brain twisters will get you thinking and give you a glimpse of what to expect if you ever tried to get into Mensa.

Interestingly, while most countries accept scores on one of the standardized IQ tests and intelligence scales, such as Cattell Where Stanford-Binet– the United States is different. American Mensa has its own candidacy exam which is used exclusively for membership. The American test is made up of two exams involving logic and deductive reasoning. Applicants must score in the 98th percentile on at least one of the tests to qualify and may only try once, unless they are given an extenuating circumstances score.

So give these four questions to try and see if you are up to it!

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