Steve Carell Puppy Interview Questions


Voice of Michael Scott: “That happens !!!”

In 2004, the movie Sleepover rocked y2kiddos everywhere (or maybe just me, who knows?). Either way, this film featured a young Steve Carell on the verge of what was to be a long and successful career!

And that humble beginning led him to play roles such as Brick Tamland in Presenter; Cal Weaver in Crazy, Stupid, Love; and, of course, Michael Scott in Office.

DreamWorks / Warner Bros. /NBC

His latest attempt is to reprise his role as Gru in the upcoming Despicable Me Installation of the cinematic universe, The Rise of Gru.

Illumination / Universal Images

So, to celebrate this – and his career in general – Steve Carell will be answering YOUR fan questions…

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

…playing with puppies!!!

Now is your chance to ask what you want to know! Maybe you’re curious how he landed on his Gru voice for Despicable Me:

Illumination / Universal Images

Or you want to know what his favorite cold opens from Office is:

Or you want to know about his relationship with fellow Massachusettsites Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, and John Krasinski:

NBCUniversal via Getty Images

So whatever questions you have for Steve Carell, now is your chance to ask them! Submit your questions in the comments below and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed video!


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