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CUP: The Secondary Education Council (ESB) released details on Thursday, including a schedule and guidelines for the conduct of the Summative-1 assessment for students in Class IX to be held in the third week November.

Informing the media, ESB President Ramasish Hazra said the Summative Assessment-1 exam will be conducted in students’ schools and the board will provide questions on all subjects. The assessment will be conducted by neutral schools which will be selected by the relevant District Education Officers (DEO).

“The Board has decided to provide question paper packets to schools in node centers from where individual schools can receive them. The selection of node centers and the tagging of schools to node centers will be done by DEOs. Selected neutral schools will assess the response books of all subjects from other schools, ”Hazra said.

ESB secretary Srikant Tarai said neutral schools should be located close to those whose answer books they will assess. “Neutral schools should have teachers in all subjects for assessment purposes. In the event that subject teachers are not available, those from neighboring schools will be delegated for this purpose. Heads of neutral schools will oversee the evaluation work and be responsible for the whole process, ”Tarai said.

As per the notification from the ESB, while the summative assessment-1 for the second language for English, Hindi and environmental and population education (only for hearing impaired applicants) will be conducted in the first session on November 22 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., the science exam will take place during the second session of the day from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Likewise, while the exam for the first languages ​​Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and Alternative English will take place in the first session on November 23, the exam for mathematics will take place in the second session of the daytime.

The third language tests Hindi, Sanskrit, Odia and Parsi will take place in the first session on November 24, while students will take the general science exam in the second session of the day.

Notably, with the aim of overcoming the problems encountered in exam assessments due to the pandemic, the ESB has introduced a Continuous Comprehensive Assessment System (CCE) for the performance assessment of students in grades IX and X through from the current academic session.


22 November 1st session – English, Hindi, environmental and population education

November 22 2nd session – Social sciences

November 23 1st session – Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Alternative English

November 23 2nd session – Mathematics


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