Paul Stelzer’s intelligence quiz


– IQ test completely in English and free (more languages ​​to come)
– With multiplayer Party mode and quiz elements
– Scientifically developed by students from the University of Rostock (Germany)
– With the exercise mode: replay all the quiz tasks with solutions and explanations
– Compare your result with friends
– Many other interesting functions for the IQ test are still planned

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Why should you take this IQ test?
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Influenced by WAIS-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Test for Adults) and student research from the University of Rostock, the IQ test includes the following tasks:

– Insightful reasoning
– Processing speed
– working memory
– speech understanding
– Understanding of numbers

These categories are queried in the IQ test in various categories, including sample groups, dice test, images to remember, number series, matrix test, estimation, order numbers and Moreover !

Start your IQ test now and compare with your friends! The first quiz has around 100 tasks, so take some time and start your IQ test today! The test is free, but you can get additional features with our statistics or explanations package.

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What is an IQ test?
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An IQ test is used to show how “smart” you are compared to others. But what is intelligence? It is not a defined term and intelligence is therefore exactly what an IQ test measures. Therefore, different IQ tests cannot be compared, just the same test, and it just tells you whether you solved the tasks better (more than 100 IQ) or worse (less than 100 IQ) than the average. So don’t take IQ seriously, just test how you cut against others!


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