Nicole Kidman tears up Jimmy Fallon’s Christmas interview questions after hilariously ending her quiz


Through Becca Longmire.

Dec 9 2021 06:59 AM

Nicole Kidman was not a fan of the Jimmy Fallon quiz on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”.

The actress tends to make all of her Fallon interviews a little awkward after revealing in 2015 that the host inadvertently missed the opportunity to date her, and her last appearance on the show was no different.

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Fallon attempted to do a series of Christmas questions with the star, but she didn’t.

As Fallon asked her what her favorite holiday song was, she insisted she had a lot of them, as the host joked, “You are so picky!”

Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon. Credit: Sean Gallagher / NBC
– Sean Gallagher / NBC

He then asked which was his favorite pie, before asking the question: “Real tree or false tree?” “

Kidman laughed, “Do you have something better on this list?” Will it really do the show?

She then took the cards and asked him, “Turkey or ham?”

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“Probably turkey?” I don’t know, “Fallon said, admitting the questions were” terrible. “

Kidman began to tear the cards apart, before Fallon began questioning him about his latest movie “Being the Ricardos”.

The quiz wasn’t the only awkward moment in the conversation, with Kidman pretending he didn’t know what Fallon was talking about when he mentioned that he saw her singing in the background while her husband Keith Urban performed.

Kidman also played a game of “Can you feel it?” With her and Fallon taking turns putting their hands in boxes full of mysterious items before guessing what was inside.

Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon.  Credit: Sean Gallagher / NBC
Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon. Credit: Sean Gallagher / NBC


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