MS Dhoni could not hear interview questions in the IPL final due to chants from the crowd


If there is one cricketer who has truly appreciated India’s devotion to Sachin Tendulkar, it is MS Dhoni. And if there is a city whose devotion cannot be questioned, it is Chennai.

So it makes sense that there are so many CSK fans in the UAE stadium right now, that MS Dhoni couldn’t hear the questions during the interview during the pre-match presentation. .

CSK lost the draw to the Kolkata Knight Riders and are currently fighting to establish a defensible target in the 2021 IPL Final. It was during the draw that Ian Bishop asked MS Dhoni a question, but the captain of the CSK could not hear a word. He said, “I can’t hear you, Bish.”

Eventually, as the silence was relatively greater, Bishop asked Dhoni about the toss and what his decision would be. To which Mahi replied:

We’re also looking to play first, at first it stops a bit and as the game progresses it sets in and the throw is out of control and we’re ready for both. We play with the same team. Often what really dictates the conditions is the outcome and I think our international players are equipped to deal with any situation.

Here is a video of how the stadium looks at the moment.

Go where Mahi is going.

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