Melb’s TikTok 10 quiz host, alleged News Corp, raised his trivial questions


Quizmaster Viral Aussie TikTok Miles Glaspole found fairly familiar questions appear in The Daily Telegraph and the sun herald this week and not because he put them there. He claims the newsroom would have asked his questions without asking them and tried to pass them off as his own – like a child sneaking a peek at someone else’s work in the middle of a an exam.

The Melbourne-based TikToker and freelance quiz writer – whose top 10 daily stories from his parked car rack up hundreds of thousands of views – noticed uncanny similarities in the TV Quizmaster section of the team July 11.

He quickly realized these were his own questions from his TikTok show posted six weeks ago.

Speaking to PEDSTRIAN.TV, Miles said it wasn’t that the questions were similar – they would have been word for word the same as his.

“Last night I was tagged in a TikTok by a user who recognized the questions, so I cross-referenced them with my early June episodes — the wordings were nearly identical,” he said.

“A question had been edited to remove a reference to the date. When I say identical – 9 out of 10 of them were text except for the date change.


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It looks like the king of the TikTok Top 10 quiz was only recently torn apart by News Corp’s trivia section. Once he realized something was wrong, he checked last week’s Quizmaster questions, but found them to be very different.

“I checked last week – different questions, not really my writing style,” he said.

“As far as I know, it started yesterday. The wording is identical, and six out of 10 of them were on an episode of my show, along with the other four from the day before. It’s only too similar.

Miles had not contacted News Corp publications at the time of writing. He told us he now has an agent handling social media inquiries and that they are looking into what can be done on TikTok’s side with the alleged plagiarism.

He started his self-penned daily quiz in mid-2021 as something to do amid Melbourne’s recurring lockdown and also to push for his dream job – being a full-time TV quiz host.

“I’m happy with how far the channel has come,” Miles said.

“I didn’t think shouting quiz questions at a screen in my Smart car would lead to the downfall of the Murdoch Empire, but I’m proud to have played a part.”

Since he started it, he’s released around 280 episodes (excluding a few days when he felt like skipping it) with his most popular episodes involving the bestselling author. hank green and a recent operation entirely based on Taylor Swift trivialities.

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