Meet Saanya Verma: 11-year-old top scorer in Mensa IQ test


New Delhi: Saanya Verma, an 11-year-old Indian girl from Great Britain, obtained the maximum possible marks on the MENSA IQ test. She got 162 points – the highest possible score on a Mensa test that only one percent of the population got.

Newsgram personally interviewed Sunita Pati Verma, the proud mother of the 7th grade girl, who studies at a leading independent school in London.

Mensa only invites students who are able to achieve the best score of 2 percent on any of the schematic or verbal reasoning ability tests. Mensa’s spokesperson confirmed this and said she was one of the youngest to achieve the feat.

A 7th year student at a leading independent school in London, Saanya has plenty of choices and interests in her studies. A voracious reader who has been interested in math and the cosmos from the start. Her mother Sunita Pati Verma said NewsGram that Saanya has developed an interest in robotics these days. She also developed the codes for robots (Lego Mindstorms) and electronic instruments (Arduino).

A school library instructor, Saanya enjoys reading. She is part of many clubs at school such as debate, science, mathematics, French and current affairs.

Her father, a banker by profession, Sunil Verma spends reasonable time with her discussing areas such as science and robotics. He says Saanya surprises him with questions.

She added that Saanya loved every visit to India. She believes in the act of sharing and hopes to inspire children to actively participate in education. She wants to help encourage children to study and shine across the world.

Her mother said it was a proud moment not only for the family but for the entire Indian community. She says India was an important part of the trip. Many of the family are still back in India and they are happy with its success.

Saanya Verma’s Success is the story of a girl who showed signs of genius that could help her do great things for herself and for society. However, the challenge starts from here, guidance and preservation will be important.

Saanya, like any other 11-year-old, has a lot of aspirations. She wants to be a scientist, or maybe a mathematician or a banker like her father. One thing is clear if she continues to receive the same support and work hard, she will be able to reach great heights. (Image-Sunita Verma)


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