‘Love Smart Dating App Uses IQ Test To Check Members And I Almost Failed’


Love Smart is the new app that requires users to take a general knowledge test before getting an account.

Companion daters, if (like me) you are tiredness pairing with people on dating apps only to find that they don’t understand the correct use of their / there then this might be the app for you.

Brought to you by none other than a former reality star, Smart Love hopes to revolutionize the modern dating game (and spare you the indescribable pain of talking to illiterate fools).

So what reality TV show did this genius come from? Shark aquarium? The apprentice? False and false again. The creator of the application is none other than Olga Rogacheva from My cooking rules. Trading the electric drummer for the twinning, she teamed up with entrepreneur Gi Singh to embark on the art of love.

How? ‘Or’ What to break up with someone according to a therapist. Plus the telltale signs you need to say goodbye to dating apps.

Love Smart is a brand new dating app for intellectuals and elites. Basically, it denies entry to people with a “lower intelligence level” using a unique testing mechanism.

“What is the mechanism? I hear you cry. So glad you asked.

In short, the filtering system is a quiz filled with a myriad of questions ranging from reasonable to bizarre. One minute you complete Basic Algebra and the next you are asked which world leader had a Youtube channel first – Barack, was that you?

The premise is simple; you have three minutes to answer as many multiple choice questions as possible. The quiz is supposed to be a snap for the “smarter half” of users. You could say that this sentence aroused a red rage that made me all the more determined to pass this quiz. He also mentions that you only need 50% to be successful so I walked in pretty confident.

This confidence was short-lived once the “sophisticated mechanism” kicked in.

Question 1 – How much was the budget for Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

I was overwhelmed. What kind of question is this ? I don’t know about you, but when I think of an IQ test, I imagine math equations and verbal skills. I am certainly not thinking of the financial constraints imposed on a Johnny Depp film.

Question 2 – Which of the following popular answers Pizza franchises is the oldest? Domino’s, Papa John’s, KFC or Pizza Hut.

Sorry what? First of all, who cares? And second, who the hell is Papa John? I couldn’t help but think that if all questions were like this, I was almost certainly doomed. Fears aside, I refused to be grouped with the guy from Tinder who spelled ‘nah’ as ​​’nar’ – I absolutely had to pass this test and prove myself.

The rest of the quiz seemed fairly normal, but a few questions were still quite out of the scope. Most of them, I had to guess and hope in heaven that I was right. Side note – did anyone else know that a prairie dog is actually a rodent? Neither do I.

Standard stock questions included “identify this flag”, “identify this shape” and basic questions mathematics questions that sparked a level of fear in me that I thought I gave up in 8th grade math class.

By the time the quiz ended and I was congratulated on passing, I was both shocked and exhausted. Thanks to what can only be described as the longest three minutes of my life, I seriously doubted my own intelligence.

Overall, I can’t say for sure that this mechanism is an accurate indication of someone’s intellectual capacity, rather it is half general knowledge and half random facts. I’m pretty sure Einstein didn’t ask people for Simba’s mother’s name as a true measure of their intelligence, but hey, I could be wrong.

If these questions are the only thing stopping this guy from Tinder with a “favorite sock pear” on the app, I fear for all mankind. I really believe I passed because of stupid luck, because unsurprisingly most of the quiz left me completely clueless.

Apparently, the app already has over 2000 members, which is a lot of people who know the budget for Pirates of the Caribbean – I wish them all the best together. Also, if anyone gets a 100% score let me know, I’ll take you to every publicity round as a secret weapon.

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