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There is a huge increase in machine learning positions across the world in technology companies for the emergence of high performance technologies. The immense hard work of developers and scientists is driving the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This has led to a high demand for machine learning career opportunities for tech professionals in recent years. So, aspiring candidates should know what goes into a machine learning interview, especially an Azure machine learning interview. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions in an Azure Machine Learning interview.

Introducing Azure Machine Learning

First, let’s get acquainted with Azure Machine Learning before going through the Azure Machine Learning interview questions. Microsoft Azure offers a cloud service to manage the lifecycle of multiple artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, called Azure Machine Learning, with a robust toolset. This service is created for machine learning engineers, data scientists and many more to train and deploy machines or manage MLOps effectively and efficiently. Azure machine learning enables the use of a model built with an open source platform such as TensorFlow, while MLOps helps redeploy these models within an organization into an auditable production environment.

Organizations working in the Microsoft Azure cloud find security and role-based access control (RBAC) for an appropriate infrastructure to deny access to confidential and sensitive data in certain operations. Azure Machine Learning offers several interfaces such as Python SDK, Azure Resource Manager REST APIs, CLI v2, and many more. Azure Machine Learning is known to integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud to provide the greatest security with Azure Virtual Networks, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Container Registry.

If a machine learning engineer, machine learning software engineer, machine learning scientist, human-centered machine learning designer and many others are preparing for the Azure machine learning interview, the following questions will help you to solve it with confidence. An Azure machine learning interview consists of a few basic interview questions as well as the range from easy to very difficult, depending on the knowledge of the interviewee. It is recommended that before taking an Azure machine learning interview, make sure you take one or two popular Microsoft Azure machine learning online courses with valuable certificate from professional websites and educational institutions for add value to the CV and gain in-depth knowledge.

Top Azure Machine Learning interview questions

  • Why did you choose a professional career in cloud computing with Microsoft Azure?
  • How is Microsoft Azure different from AWS?
  • How did you learn about Azure Machine Learning?
  • What are the different types of instances offered by Azure Machine Learning?
  • How many deployment environments are offered by Microsoft Azure?
  • Mention the differences between Microsoft Azure ML Studio and GCP Cloud AutoML
  • What are the different components of the Azure Machine Learning workspace?
  • Why are compute targets important to Azure Machine Learning?
  • Why use Azure Machine Learning pipelines?
  • Mention the differences between Microsoft Azure ML and Microsoft Azure ML Studio
  • Explain the different machine learning tools in Microsoft Azure to suit each task.

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