IQ test “impossible”: less than 1% of people can answer all questions


THERE IS another IQ test that drives people crazy, with the quiz creator claiming that less than one percent of people can answer all questions correctly.

NEW IQ test baffles the internet with its tough questions.

Established by Playbuzz user Terry Stein, the tricky quiz already baffles many people with its ready-made style questions.

According to quiz statistics, less than one percent of the population scored 10 out of 10.

The quiz also claims that getting 100% means that you “have a passion for perfection and love to challenge yourself.” You are good at finding problems and solutions, and have a driving force to create ”.

It also claims “you really are a genius” if you manage to complete the challenge without making a mistake.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can try your luck below.


If you’re sure you answered everything correctly, check out the answers below.

1. Football – the only sport played without something in the hands

2.56398 – By assigning each number to a letter of the word OCEAN, you find the solution.

3. 24 – When you divide Tina’s 16-year-old into four, you’ll find her brother is four. This means that when Tina is 24, her brother will be 12. When he is 12, her brother will be half the age of Tina.

4. 8 – The sequence pattern works by adding one and then multiplying by two.

5. Fruits – The quiz creator went on a tangent here and spelled tangerine fruit into tangerine, the second most popular way to spell citrus.

6. 5 – A fifth of 200 is 40, dividing by two gives you 20, then dividing that by four will leave you with five.

7. Five trips – Eric can only carry three bottles per trip, which means after four trips he will be left with one bottle. His fifth trip, Eric will take one.

8. Adapted – The exact definition of suitable is “fair or appropriate for a particular person, purpose or situation”.

9. Study – A virus is fixed by a vaccine, in the same way that a test is aided by study.

10. Two oranges – If you remove two out of three oranges, you will have two with you and one left over.


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