INTERVIEW: Lisa Arch has some trivial questions … in the delivery room

Lisa Arch hosts Work games on the discovery of life. Photo courtesy of TLC.

Lisa Arch, successful comedian and actress, presents one of the most discussed reality series of the season. Quizzes cost a dime a dozen. Family reality TV shows are even more common on television. What is new and somewhat shocking, however, is when anecdotes and pregnant families are gathered in the delivery room. That’s right, Work games is a Discovery Life game show that questions expectant parents in hospital during labor.

Intense? Yes. Surprising? Sure. All in a day’s work for Arch? Absoutely.

Recently, Hollywood soap box exchanged emails with Arch about the show and its upcoming finale, slated for Thursday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. on Discovery Life. In addition to his host duties, Arch is currently playing the lead role Hader on Nickelodeon’s 100 things to do before high school, and she has appeared in several other shows, X files To Reno 911!

Questions and answers have been edited slightly for style.

How did you get attached to Work games as a host?

I was lucky I guess! It was an audition. In fact, it was an audition for something ELSE that led me to audition for Work games. I walked in and really clicked with the producers. I got them immediately, and they got me. I loved the angle they were taking, and they really followed that up with the show.

Were you initially skeptical about having a trivia game at such an important and personal point in a couple’s life?

I was VERY skeptical. I thought it sounded terrifying and very wrong. But the producers convinced me that they were leaving from a place of great loving, empathy and fun, and that’s why they wanted a mom to host it.

Amanda helps Michael during the Couple's Challenge on Labor Games.  Photo courtesy of TLC.
Amanda helps Michael with the Couple’s Challenge on Work games. Photo courtesy of TLC.

What surprised you the most about mothers and fathers-to-be?

How cold they were! Here they are, their lives are about to change completely forever, and they are having fun answering these questions and winning prizes together. It definitely gave me some insight into how couples can be together, even at the most stressful time of their lives. AND ON TV!

You’ve had so many interesting roles and responsibilities as a TV host. What are you looking for when preparing to take on a new project? What makes a show, in your mind, worth the engagement?

It must be really worth it that I can miss some time with my son. It must be fun, something I can be proud of. The older I get, the more I want to do things where I work with good people. If it’s in place, everything else falls into place too.

What is the future for Work games? Were you surprised and happy with the response from the fans?

I would like to shoot more episodes. I think parents would be eager to be on the show now that they’ve seen it. I get emails and tweets from people asking if we can come to their city or state. What was most surprising was how much people’s opinion of the show changes between when they hear the concept and when they actually see it! Like me, they are skeptical at first, but then they fall in love with it.

By John Soltes / Editor / [email protected]

  • Labor Games airs at 7 p.m. Thursdays on Discovery Life. Click here for more information.

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