Instead of an IQ test, American footballers take the Wonderlic exam, here’s why:


IQ tests are a group of standard tests that have been performed to describe a person’s intelligence simply by indicating a particular score. In 1912 William Stern invented what we now call IQ tests. Although it can be improved, first of all, it tells us where the person’s intelligence is in the present. There are many forms, many names, but basically they test a person’s intelligence.

The most popular is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, which tests various components used to determine a person’s intelligence. These components include matrix reasoning, memory, processing speed, vocabulary, and more. Despite the fact that the Wechsler Adult Intelligent Scale and several other IQ tests are popular, you might be surprised to learn that footballers in the United States take the Wonderlic exam. (also known as the “Wonderlic test” as opposed to any other regular IQ test.

The “Wonderlic Exam” whose full name is “The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test” is a tool that serves as a measure of employee cognition within an organization. This test was created in 1936 by Wonderlic EF (it gave the test its name) and has since been modified by various people, particularly in the 1990s. Therefore, the Wonderlic review tool that we have today hui has changed over time.

It has a total score of 50, as there are 50 questions to be answered, all within a minute. Thus, it measures the speed and accuracy of the candidates who take the test. Since it has different segments, it is able to measure the vocabulary, math, and reasoning skills of those taking the test. A score of up to 20 is satisfactory, and a candidate who achieves this score is considered moderately intelligent. Those who score 10 are considered illiterate. 50 is a perfect score, of course. It should also be noted that only 5% of people complete this test.

With changes over time, there are four segments of the Wonderlic test. These segments are: the skill segment, the personality segment, the cognitive ability segment and the behavioral responsibility segment. Many people try the sample test questions on when preparing for this test.

Why do many footballers take the Wonderlic exam instead of the IQ test?

Footballers pass the wonderful exam simply because it’s what the National Football League (NFL) has embraced and used over time. The NFL uses this test as one of the tools to determine who is drafted into the organization, especially as the new season approaches. The use of this tool by the NFL began as early as the 1970s, and it is still a very relevant tool today.

As this is the official tool used to test cognitive abilities by the NFL, many players take the wonderful exam as opposed to traditional IQ tests. Since we now know that footballers pass the wonderful exam because of the NFL, it’s time to take a look at why the NFL uses this particular tool.

Why is the NFL using the Wonderlic exam?

The main reason why this test was chosen by the NFL over others is the fact that this test shows how a person behaves under pressure. This is a major way to stand out from other tests, as good performance under pressure is very important in determining a player’s success.

A candidate’s score can also serve as an indicator of the type of behavior a potential player is displaying. For example, getting scores that are too high or too low may indicate that a player may not fit exactly as part of a team.


Whether there are better tests to reach their goal or not, the NFL seems to be happy with the wonderful exam results. It does not appear that another test will be used for this purpose anytime soon. Therefore, it is wise for potential players to prepare for this test.

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