India – MonsterIndia Launches Aspire Assessment Testing Platform


28 October 2021

Monster, a Quess Corp company, has announced the launch of Aspire, a platform that allows candidates to take assessment tests for a host of industry functions that prove their readiness for employment. Quess acquired the Indian operations of Monster in 2018.

Assessments are designed by academic experts and industry veterans to provide an “industry-wide recruiting benchmark making the recruiting process more efficient”.

Comprehensive, job-specific assessment tests to help recruiters find the brightest candidates from a large pool of untested young talent with a single score. Aspire will provide participating candidates with lucrative employment opportunities while providing recruiters access to a pool of quality, pre-assessed young professionals with a high propensity to join and a low attrition rate.

The Aspire platform would also be the gateway to register for all virtual career fairs organized by Monster.

Through the Aspire platform and career fairs, Monster aims to form an effective connection with the campus and provide placement assistance for entry-level talent.

The Aspire Virtual Career Fair intends to reach over 100,000 attendees, not only premium colleges, but also non-premium institutes which are often not accessible to employers but are extremely talented and have a strong propensity to register.

“Aspire would offer applicants in India 2/3/4 cities the opportunity to be recruited by the best global companies, in turn democratizing recruitments while fostering deeper social change,” said “The comprehensive job evaluation test will pave the way for a more efficient recruiting mechanism that gives recruiters pre-assessed profiles while giving applicants an edge that sets themselves apart from other fresh aspirants. “

Monster CEO Sekhar Garisa said: “With hiring rebounding slowly but steadily from the setback of Covid-19, employment opportunities for entry-level talent are increasing. Even though there is no shortage of talent among the youngest, recruiters often struggle to identify the right fit for their organization among new entrants to the workforce. With that in mind, we’ve organized Aspire, dedicated to the Gen Z workforce, with the goal of connecting potential candidates to top employers and helping recruiters find the right fit. good candidate among a pool of talent of guaranteed quality. “

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