If you spot a yellow circle, your brain is lying to you!


Optical Illusion IQ Test – Check if your brain is lying to you: The optical illusion makes you see something that is not real. But did you expect your brain to lie to you too? Even to the point that it will show you colors that are not there? In this optical illusion image, the challenger confirms that if viewers see the color yellow, they must establish that their brain is lying to them. Check the optical illusion image below and let us know if you also see the yellow circle among different colors. There is no time limit set by the challenger to view the optical illusion image below, but we suggest viewing the image for at least 15 seconds.


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Optical Illusion Image: Check Your IQ

Look at the picture below.

The photo was taken from a TikTok video posted by a user named Keelan Leyser. It displays a visual that shows various vertical lines as well as three overlapping circles. When a user first sees the image, they may see three overlapping circles, which appear purple, cyan, and yellow.

Keelan says, “Look at these three circles, if this circle appears yellow to you, then you are seeing an optical illusion.”

So, did you also see the yellow circle in the picture? You never knew until today that your brain lied to you, did you? All we can say is that everyone has some misconceptions in life and yours has just been shattered.

Keelan clarified that statement as well, telling her viewers that the yellow circle is actually black and white. “Screenshot and zoom in if you don’t believe me,” he told his followers.

You can also try zooming in on the image below.


Users then looked at the image after following its instructions and seemed to agree with the concept.

The optical illusion has since impressed dozens of TikTok users. “It’s done [black and white]“, wrote a user.

“I zoomed in, it’s actually black and white,” said a second user.

“My brain is definitely lying to me,” noted the third user.

Reason for optical illusion:

Optical illusions occur due to the mismatch of our brain with our eyes. This optical illusion works by using the colors around the black and white circle. Shades, black and white, are distorted by different colored lines crossing them. Since the outer stripes in the background are blue in color, the brain is tricked into believing that the inner stripes of the circle are yellow, not white.

This image is an example of the Munker illusion and is also known as Munker’s white illusion. According to an article by Michael Bach, “This illusion shows how the perception of color is influenced by neighborhood. The key word here is assimilation.”

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