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What’s the best way to deal with questions that are irrelevant in a job interview?

I’m talking about clearly inappropriate questions, but also questions that [for example] imply that a candidate may be “too old” or that pregnancy would not be viewed favorably.

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There are many ways to approach this question. One way is to look at it from a legal point of view. There are state and federal laws that establish specific discrimination laws, and they can be applied to job interviews and the selection of candidates.

I think this is a critical aspect of the matter, but it can also be complex and the answers will be different depending on the exact circumstances. If you are concerned about your legal rights regarding an interview, I recommend that you speak to a legal professional.

I asked Dr Linda Dalton – a freelance psychologist who consults with individuals and organizations – about your question, and she mentioned another important way to think about it. What do an interviewer’s questions tell you about him and the organization he represents?

” Let’s start with the beginning. What do we expect from a job interview? A job interview is an exchange of information about a future relationship, much like a first date, ”says Dr Dalton.

“You need to know what the expectations of this relationship are from your potential employer, and them from you – how compatible you are. “

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