Goldman, Morgan Stanley interview questions

  • Superdays are a key part of the Wall Street investment bank recruiting process.
  • Insider got 22 questions from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to help you prepare.
  • These questions touch on both personal and technical issues in financial services.
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The investment banking summer internship path is a competitive process that begins 18 to 24 months before the launch of opportunities.

The road to an internship usually ends with a “superday” – a quick sequence of several rounds of interviews conducted by senior bankers such as CEOs and vice-presidents. At this stage, HR professionals or campus recruiters are less likely to be involved than they were at the start of the recruiting process.

Superdays are usually held at the end of summer. But it’s never too early to start studying for next year.

Insider has looked at two checklists of questions developed by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley that you can use when thinking about your interview strategy.

In the case of Goldman Sachs, these are preparatory questions developed by human resources as part of student career development programming that can be used to prepare for superday interviews.

In the case of Morgan Stanley, these are a few questions that can be asked during interviews.

Goldman Sachs

  1. If no one’s options mattered but mine, what would I want to accomplish this year? Next year? In 5 years?
  2. What is the verb that represents an activity that I like to do?
  3. Is it important with / for whom I do this activity?
  4. Does the objective of the activity have an impact on its energizing nature?
  5. When was I most proud?
  6. How did something I did have a significant impact on someone else?
  7. When did I really challenge / push myself out of my comfort zone?
  8. When have I made meaningful decisions under pressure or succeeded (or failed and learned)?
  9. How do I manage my time? How do I manage my relationships?
  10. What obstacles / challenges have I encountered? What lessons have I learned from these challenges?
  11. What have I always said I was good at, and when did it start?
  12. What have I always said was bad, and when did it start?
  13. Why am I working so hard to achieve my goals?

Morgan stanley

  1. Explain your curriculum vitae to me.
  2. What do you think makes a good analyst? What do you think makes a good analyst?
  3. Which recent transaction are you interested in and why?
  4. Guide me through a DCF.
  5. You are modeling a business and your VP tells you that depreciation should actually be $ 10 million more. Please explain the impact of this change on the three main financial statements.
  6. What are the most common ways to value a business?
  7. What was the turnover of Starbucks in 1585? Explain your logic to me. [“1585” refers to Morgan Stanley’s global headquarters at 1585 Broadway in New York City.]
  8. Simple arithmetic problems (200 divided by 8).
  9. What do you think are valid metrics to assess the financial performance of an investment?

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