Find out how smart you are in the world’s shortest IQ test


How smart are you?

The cognitive thinking test is called the world’s shortest IQ test and consists of just three questions.

It assesses the ability of individuals to suppress an intuitive and spontaneous bad response in favor of a good, thoughtful and deliberative response. The faster you get the right answer, the smarter you are.

In a survey of nearly 3,500 people, 33% were wrong on the three questions below while 83% of those polled were wrong at least one of the questions.

According to Indy100, only 48% of MIT students surveyed were able to answer all three questions correctly.

Here are the three questions …

  1. A bat and a ball cost a total of 1.10 €. The bat costs € 1.00 more than the ball.
    How much does the ball cost?
  2. If it takes 5 minutes for 5 machines to create 5 widgets, how long would it take?
    100 machines to make 100 widgets?
  3. In a lake, there is a square of water lilies. Each day, the patch doubles in size.
    If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the whole lake, how long would it take
    take so that the patch covers half of the lake?

Take a few minutes and think about the answers. When you think you have them, scroll through the Pug GIF to see the correct answers …


Question one: The bullet would actually cost 0.05c.

If the ball costs X, and the bat costs € 1 more, then it will be:

X + 1 €


Ball + Bat = X + (X + 1) = 1.1

Which means that

2X + 1 = 1.1 and 2X = 0.1

X = 0.05

Second question: If it takes five machines five minutes to create five widgets, it will take a machine five minutes to create a widget.

Therefore, if 100 machines all made widgets, it would take five minutes.

Third question: The answer is 47 days.

If he doubles in size every day, he should do the same back. Therefore, if it fills the entire lake after 48 days, it would cover half of the lake the day before. This means the response is 47 days.

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