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Chamisa In Army Recruitment Interview Questions

By- Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) recruits who qualified for the second phase of verification after running a 10km timed marathon last month have been asked about their views on Nelson Chamisa becoming President of Zimbabwe.

The 44-year-old former ICT minister is the leader of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

ZimLive interviewed two people who participated in the verification exercise and corroborated the information.

After undergoing a medical examination, the recruits were placed for a written test which consisted of 23 questions beginning with the requirement to write a two-page biography.

Speaking on condition of not being named, the potential recruits recalled being asked

I). Given the history of Zimbabwe that you know, how do you see Mr. Nelson Chamisa as the next head of state?

ii). Zimbabwe faces economic challenges. Which political party do you want to win in 2023?

iii). Do you see Mr. Nelson Chamisa winning the 2023 harmonized elections, why do you think so?

According to sources, senior army officers have in recent years ordered recruiters to give preference to young recruits who attended rural schools due to the perception that those who attended city schools were aligned with the opposition.

Chamisa spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda said if the reports are true, they represent an abuse of state institutions.

He added that the army should not be aligned with any political party.

In the past, the military has been accused of campaigning for the ruling ZANU PF and terrorizing opposition members.

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