Celebrate National Anecdotes Day with 20 stimulating topical questions!


Today is National Anecdotes Day!

National Trivia Day is celebrated on January 4th every year to give trivia fans a chance to work their brain muscles! Take a look at the history of this historic day, then try to answer a few questions to test your quiz intelligence!

History of the national anecdotes day

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There are many different claims regarding the origins of National Fun Facts Day, but most attribute the founding of the annual celebration to Robert birch of the Body of puns. The first party was reportedly celebrated in 1980, a year before the board game Trivial Pursuit became a smash hit.

The origins of “anecdotes” are much older. Two Columbia University students, Ed goodgold and Dan Carlinsky, are credited with creating the first college quiz bowls after pop culture questions became a hit in the 1960s. The two went on to publish in a book called “Trivia” in 1966, which was ranked on the New York Times bestseller list.

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The first episode of “Jeopardy!” actually debuted a little earlier, on March 30, 1964. It ceased airing until 1975 before being brought back in 1984 and continues today.

This year, to celebrate National Fun Facts Day, we took a look at some of the best “Final Jeopardies!” »Questions to find some of the best trivia questions to challenge your brain in this New Year!

So read on and see how many questions you can answer correctly!

Test your knowledge with these 20 “Jeopardy! ” Questions

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Although “Jeopardy! “Rewrote the script of forcing candidates to answer as a question, we rephrased the questions in real questions, all you have to do is answer them! Tap into your inner trivia star and see how many of these questions you can answer correctly!

# 1 – What classic 1952 movie was based on the story “The Tin Star”?

Answer: “high noon”

# 2 – Introduced in 1963, which internationally renowned character wears a size 29EEE shoe?

Answer: Ronald McDonald

# 3 – Can you name one of the two Republicans to be on the ticket as president or vice president for 3 consecutive elections since 1850?

Answer: Richard Nixon OR George HW Busy

# 4 – What historical artifact has been remade over the centuries to perpetuate the story of King Harold II struck in the eye by an arrow?

Answer: The Bayeux Tapestry

# 5 – Of the 56 people who signed the Declaration, the largest number, nine, represented which State?

Answer: Pennsylvania

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# 6 – Which state capital arose from the ruins of a Hohokam Indian colony?

Answer: Phoenix, Arizona

# 7 – Whose “Fictional Memoir” on his last African safari was published in 1999, 38 years after his death?

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

# 8 – In 1992, which New York actor was the first man with 2 Oscar nominations in the same year for different films?

Answer: Al Pacino

# 9 – Which capital derives its name from the Greek “Three Cities”?

Answer: Tripoli, Libya

# 10 – Which artist, who lived from 1904 to 1989, had a first name which means “savior” in Spanish?

Answer: Salvador Dalí

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# 11 – First held in May 1875, what is the oldest continuous major sporting event in the United States?

Answer: the Kentucky Derby

# 12 – Which famous article was first sent on May 24, 1844 and had a last famous article sent on January 27, 2006?

Answer: a telegram

# 13 – In alphabetical order, which dog breed is last on the American Kennel Club’s Recognized List?

Answer: Yorkshire Terrier

# 14 – Napoleon’s plans to invade England were crushed by what battle of October 21, 1805?

Answer: Battle of Trafalgar

# 15 – In the 16th century, who wrote: “Anyone who wants to found a state … must start by assuming that all men are bad …?”

Answer: Machiavelli

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# 16 – Created on the 3rd day, what was the first form of life on Earth, according to Genesis?

Answer: plant life

# 17 – What carbonated drink was named for a digestive enzyme and a native African plant?

Answer: Pepsi Cola

# 18 – Areology is the scientific study of which planet?

Answer: March

# 19 – Which 1994 novel begins in the fictional city of St. Petersburg and ends in Pikesville, 1,100 miles in Mississippi?

Answer: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

# 20 – Five of the women convicted in Salem in 1692 were ultimately cleared by a bill signed What day in 2001?

Answer: Halloween (October 31)

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Did you succeed in answering the 20 questions correctly? If so, you must be a quiz master! If you haven’t already, you might consider taking the “Jeopardy!” »Anytime Test to try for the show. You never know what can happen !

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