Can you spot all the dolphins in this stunning image in 20 seconds?


Optical illusion Test your IQ: Optical illusion tests aren’t leaving the internet anytime soon. People love these crazy brain teasers and personality tests that create an illusion with our eyes and trick our brain into believing something that doesn’t exist.

Not all optical illusions test your personality, but many of them surely test your vision. The optical illusion test below not only tests the vision of the person who solves it, but also the IQ of whoever attempts it. Take a look below.

Optical Illusion: Picture

The image below was uploaded online by Gadget Grasp. There may be multiple dolphins seen in the image. However, there is also a catch here. The number of dolphins is more than you expect or see.

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We must warn you that there have been more and more since the puzzle was uploaded to social media. Various users have offered various answers.

“ten,” one person wrote, to which the poster replied, “Not even close.”

“16,” another person tried it. They were a little aloof though, as the poster replied, “No one will ever succeed!”

Let them say what they want, we want our users to give us the right answer. Can you?



The photo shows several dolphins that may not just be of similar size. There are also smaller dolphins that can mix and mingle with the hues of the larger ones. You need to look closely at the picture.

Look again at the image below. This time we want you to zoom in. Now maybe your answer will change.


The dolphin video was also uploaded to TikTok where people tried to guess the number of dolphins but couldn’t come up with a clear number.

Optical Illusion IQ Test: Answer

So what is the correct number of dolphins?

You might be right if you count 17 in the club. Yes! there are 17 dolphins in this school of fish.

Also, what has been noticed in the answers provided online on many social media platforms is that only people with higher IQ levels have come close to this number.

Didn’t reach number 17? Try looking at the image again. Maybe this time you mean well.


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