Can you spot a lollipop hidden among the ice cream in 48 seconds?


IQ test – Find the lollipop in this optical illusion: Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot sunny day? Also with global warming, ice cream sales have exploded over the past year. But what if your child is not allowed ice cream? Won’t you give her a lollipop? However, you have to find one here. The stunning optical illusion here shows a lollipop hidden among ice cream cones. All you have to do is spot it before 48 seconds.

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However, if you can’t find the lollipop, you’ll have to take your child for an ice cream. According to people who have already passed this optical illusion test, it is easy to find the hidden lollipop in 45 seconds. But that’s only 1% of those who found the lollipop. So we’re giving you 48 seconds, which is enough time.


Optical Illusion: Global Visual Challenge

The optical illusion image here has taken the internet by storm and only 1% of people with the highest IQ have been able to locate it. You also need great visual skills to spot the lollipop because it’s not easy for anyone to avoid the ice cream drooling by looking at the picture. Check out the image below to participate in the global challenge.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, is known worldwide for his Where’s Waldo-esque doodles. For those of you who haven’t tried to find Waldo yet, we assure you that the next riddle will be this one. Until then, you can google it for sure.

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Look at the image below. You will find many ice cream cones with happy faces just like yours while you eat them. Some of the cones even wear a hat, being quite well mannered. Some seem to be having fun. But behind them is hiding somewhere a lollipop that is looking for someone to take it home. Can you?


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Tik Tok fans lost their temper upon finding the hidden lollipop and many also took to social media to vent their frustration. There was also a lot of success.

One said: “Took 2 seconds to find the lollipop but spent 3 minutes laughing at the 2 horrified cones and whoever was licking them.”

Since the photo was posted, nearly 4,000 people immediately took the optical illusion test.

Another user said, “The green ice cream near the top left corner and with a big smiley face caught my eye…I can’t take my eyes off it to spot the lollipop.”

We hope you were able to find the pacifier now. It’s already been 48 seconds. In case you haven’t, we have some tips for you:


The lollipop matches the ice cream but does not have a cone and is on a stick.

Still no luck? We will help you. Take a look at the answer in the image below.


There was your lollipop. Many users have claimed to have spotted the missing lollipop within 10 seconds of observing the puzzle. However, not everyone is as awesome as them. We’d love to know how long it took you to find the hidden lollipop via the comments section below.

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