Can you pass this tricky IQ test?


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A new quiz on the Playbuzz site challenges historical and geographic knowledge. Photo / Getty Images

While those with an IQ between 90 and 110 are said to be of “average” intelligence, anything above 140 officially places you in the category of geniuses.

And according to quiz creator Michael Rogers, those who pass his tricky test on Playbuzz with a perfect score, show an extraordinary IQ of 153-161.

The long 25-question quiz tests players’ historical, geographic and religious knowledge with multiple-choice answers – and more than a few red herrings, reports the Daily mail.

Speaking of the lucky few who pass brilliantly, Rogers said, “People in your IQ range are introverted and intuitive.

“You take time for solitude, listen to your inner voice, and pay attention to your dreams. That said, you don’t ignore limits, you understand them.”

Does this sound like you? Then scroll down to take the entire test. The answers are below … so no cheating!


1. Bethlehem

2. True

3. Kabul

4. Johannes Gutenberg

5. John

6. Athens

7. Stephen Hawking

8. Argentina

9. 1963

10. The Nile

11. The Thames

12. 1914

13. Toronto

14. 1941

15. You will have no other gods in front of me

16. Mein Kampf

17. Blood

18. Marco Polo

19. John the Baptist

20. Egyptian

21. Piano

22. Taipei

23. Sixth day

24. 1950s

25. Isaac Newton


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