Can an American be buried in India? The trickiest IAS questions yet!


UPSC interviews for civil services are currently conducted by the Union Civil Service Commission. Check here, some of the wittiest questions that have been asked in UPSC interviews to date.

UPSC Civil Service Personality Test or IAS 2022 Interviews are currently being carried out by the Commission. UPSC interviewers not only test candidates’ knowledge of their subject, but also their mental alertness. A few questions posed this time are laugh-worthy while others are brain teasers. Check these questions below and try to answer them without taking a look at the answers opposite.

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UPSC IAS 2022: Interview Questions

UPSC interviews are difficult for some candidates. People find it difficult to take the personality test because of the fear created over the years. Aspirants must take a look at the questions below and understand that IAS interviews are not that difficult.

One of this year’s candidates was asked about India’s first home minister and if his job was harder than today’s home minister? Can you name India’s first home minister?

It was Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. However, the best answer to the other part of the question was that you can’t compare the two conditions of home ministers. Dealing with a newly free India and dealing with the current global scenario are two different situations.

Another candidate, when asked about his interview, said that he was asked about something that can be broken to be eaten. The easiest the answer that comes to mind is “eggs”. Now, have you thought about it? The student first thought about it before being asked about the nutritional benefits of eggs.

Remember that in UPSC interviews, one thing leads to another. The topic is rarely changed, so it is very much up to the candidate to steer their interview in the direction they want.

One question that drove the contestants crazy was what can you buy at Rs 5 that can fill the whole room? The winning answer was incense stick. Once lit, it would fill an entire room with a great smell and smoke.

We bet it was difficult.

Try to think of this one- How do you drop an egg on the ground without breaking it? Now you might think the egg is doomed to break if it falls on the ground, but who said anything about the broken egg? The winning answer was- to drop the egg however, the ground will not break.

Finally, the trickiest question of all. Can an American be buried in India?

The winning answer was no, since she is alive and in America, she cannot be buried. Who said the American was dead?

So our advice to all UPSC interview candidates is to go to the interview with an open mind. Most of the answers that you would be asked are direct and direct. After testing your concepts, interviewers usually test your mind. How you do is up to you, not the investigators. Additionally, we hope that the myth that UPSC interviews are difficult has been shaken a bit through the issues discussed above.

Jagran Josh wishes all the best to the candidates for the UPSC CSE 2021-22 Personality Test.


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