Benchmark Testing Hacks – Pass your test on the first try


Assessment tests are most often used by companies during the hiring process and can cover a wide variety of topics and assess multiple skills. Most often, helping the hiring manager or human resources team determine if a candidate is qualified, fits the job, and is a good fit for the role. It is a tool with which many large companies across the United States will streamline their hiring processes. It is therefore important that candidates understand this process and access the right online tools, materials and resources to pass their assessment tests the first time.

Understanding benchmarks

Often known as pre-employment assessments, assessment tests will save the employer time and money, during the initial screening process, and then when training new employees. . There are many types of assessment tests that an employer may decide to use, including computer skills tests, personality tests, office skills tests, memory tests, English skills, etc. .

Some of the most popular and well-known tests are the Caliper and the Predictive Index, both of which are commonly used by large employers in the United States.

The Caliper test has been around for about 50 years and has been used by thousands of employers as a personality assessment tool. The Caliper test will help generate a profile of a candidate based on a number of factors, such as skills, behaviors, work styles, problem solving, time management, and social interaction. This style of testing will allow an employer to determine if a candidate would be the right candidate for a job before going for an interview. This style of assessment is particularly useful for more senior roles, where personality and management style play a key role.

Who uses the assessment tests?

Hiring managers looking for particular skill sets or large companies hiring new team members favor the use of assessment tests.

Walmart, in particular, has become famous for using its own pre-employment assessment test. Being the largest employer in the United States with 1.6 million employees, their assessment test allows their hiring managers to easily screen candidates and hire as quickly as possible.

To make it as relevant to the position as possible, Walmart’s pre-employment assessment test measures a candidate’s ability to deal with various customer scenarios. While also examining your ability to work under pressure and under the orders of a supervisor and other colleagues. Whatever role you’re looking for at Walmart, almost all of their hourly positions require passing the pre-employment screening test.

Another important role that requires you to complete a pre-employment assessment is a 911 dispatcher. multitasking, memorizing and reading maps. All essential skills to work as a dispatcher in the emergency services.

Preparing for an assessment test

If you are preparing for an assessment test, some useful information to know is the criteria for passing an assessment test. However, since there are so many different types of benchmark tests, it can be difficult to figure this out without expert support.

Get to know the test you are going to take, whether it is a numerical reasoning assessment, personality test or something else, research that type of test, research the company you are applying to.

Often, just understanding the role you applied for will help you determine the style of questions you will be asked as part of your assessment. For example, when applying for a customer-facing service role, many of your questions will center around dealing with customers. So consider that and think about what a hiring manager would expect you to answer.

Hacks to help you pass your test the first time

Top tips for studying and preparing for an assessment test include:

  • Answer practice test questions

  • Challenge yourself with time limits, as many of these assessments are time-sensitive

  • Use study guides

  • Access useful online resources

Resources for passing this test

Online resources such as those offered by companies have been curated to provide useful learning material where you can access all the necessary tools to help you prepare for your assessment test.

This includes free practice tests and questions, as well as tips, advice, and study guides. All are prepared with the structure of an assessment test in mind. Using these tools and preparing by researching the company and the test will help you feel confident and ready to pass your assessment the first time.

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