Are you a musical prodigy? Take This Scientific Music IQ Test


July 5, 2022, 1:53 p.m.

Have you ever tested your music IQ?

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Find out if you’re a musical prodigy with Harvard University’s Music IQ Test.

Have you ever wondered what your music IQ would be? Researchers at Harvard University have created a test – now played by more than two million people – to find out how you make sense of the music you hear.

Created by The Music Lab, which is based in Harvard’s psychology department, the test is part of several quizzes on the lab’s website, including a test for tone deafness.

“We study the workings of the mind,” we are told in the introduction. “Specifically, in this research, we study how people make sense of the music they hear. “We are going to make you play sounds. You can use speakers or headphones. We will ask you questions about what you hear.

The 20-minute test consists of three stages, with each stage testing your ability in the following categories; Beat alignment, melodic discrimination and misperception.

In each test section, quiz participants are given two musical snippets to listen to, each with a slight variation. But can you tell the difference?

Grab a pair of headphones, find a quiet room, and why not take the quiz now.

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The Harvard test has been shared by music content creators since its inception in 2019.

Candidates range from social media sensation TwoSet Violin to jazz musician Adam Neely to violinist Ray Chen. But can you score better than any of them?

And if this test whets your appetite, Harvard’s Music Lab has plenty more where that came from…


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