Answer These Interview Questions and We’ll Tell You Where You’d Work at Mayberry


I love the Andy Griffin show

“You’d be a repair shop owner!
You like to work with your hands and like to help people. Like Emmett Clark, you can fix just about anything and would be a great fit to work in his store.”

County clerk – no, not a number cruncher. But I could sing “Oh the apple trees, seeeeeee, swinging in the breeeeeeeeze” on my bongos lol

A car mechanic


County Clerk

Whenever it rains or there are storms, MeTV goes away and doesn’t come back for a day or more. Other stations don’t do that! MeTV is my FAVORITE station!!!!

I would open a restaurant. Tough competition against The Blue Bird Diner and Shanghai Gardens

You would be a teacher!
You are patient and kind, not to mention incredibly intelligent. You would be an excellent teacher at Mayberry Elementary School alongside Helen Crump.

I would be a sheriff I love it

I became a teacher … and I am a teacher, 19 and over

I had the chef, that’s fine with me because I love to cook and I went to culinary arts school.

I am a cook 🤣🤣🤣

I would be a barber or a hairdresser. Idk about that!

Not bad. I like cooking.

I would own a repair shop like Emmett Clark??
I would hate that.

This quiz is a really good match for me with the kind of job I would like at Mayberry! I would be a primary school teacher!

I must be the only one here with grease under my fingernails, I’m supposed to be the gas station mechanic.

I’ll be the new sheriff of Mayberry

I would be a school teacher


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