Answer a few FRIENDS Q&A and we’ll reveal which episode of Run BTS you should watch


After years of waiting for news of a FRIENDS reunion and now finally for a special release this month, fans of the series have come a long way indeed. The excitement for Friends: Reunion on HBO Max is on the roof and we bet everyone has blocked May 27 for this special occasion. The FRIENDS Meeting is special for two big reasons – one allows us to see the OT6 team after years (Matthew Perry missed the last reunion) and BTS will honor the special occasion as celebrity guests.

ARMY already knows that RM learned English by watching FRIENDS, and the other members are big fans of the series as well. In a recent interview, ‘BTS confessed that being part of FRIENDS Meeting ‘feels like a dream’! RM chose Chandler Bing as his favorite character, while Suga bet on Monica Geller. FRIENDS is fun and messy and what else is chaotic, Perform the BTS, Bangtan’s local variety show!

So before you watch BTS on the highly anticipated FRIENDS meeting, why don’t we answer a few FRIENDS trivial questions and we will reveal to you which Perform the BTS you should watch. Sounds easy? Well take the quiz and find out.

You can take the quiz below:

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