9 job interview questions you’ll probably be asked.


A Registered Nurse/Manager at QLD.

“Given the profession we work in, I know firsthand how stressful the healthcare industry is. But we each have things about the job that we don’t like. So my favorite question to ask is” what are you currently or most recent. role that you didn’t particularly like?

“By asking this question, it’s basically a test to see if what they say they hate is something that will be a major component of their work in our organization. And if things don’t line up, then we have them. saved us a lot of time and hassle.”

Laura says she and her team love having the chance to meet and understand new people throughout the interview process, while ensuring it is relaxed and comfortable.

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“We usually start by asking people ‘have you ever shopped at Clothing The Gaps?’ and if they answer “yes”, we are intrigued to hear what they chose, then we ask about their experience. They get bonus points if they show up for interview in our merchandising!” she said Mama Mia.

Laura said this issue is particularly important to her and the company, as it demonstrates the applicant’s awareness of the campaigns it leads to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“We want people to know and have personally experienced our brand. Our favorite question to ask is also ‘tell us about a campaign or cause you care about?’ We’re a values-driven social enterprise, so it’s nice to know what people care about around the world and the difference they’d like to make.”


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