7 Essential Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers You Should Know


The editors of Solutions Review highlight the essential database testing interview questions and answers you need to know right now.

Database management refers to the actions an organization takes to manipulate and control data to meet the necessary requirements throughout the data lifecycle. A database management task is any task that protects data, prevents legal and compliance risks, and maintains data-intensive applications as needed. Database testing is a process of ensuring that a database functions properly under stress and in a controlled environment. It will also allow stakeholders to know how a system can

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of essential database test interview questions and answers to save you time and help you ace your next interview. We’ve compiled this resource by curating the most popular results from community forums such as Quora and Reddit. Future data storage managers can also consult our directory of popular database management courses to consider.

Database Test Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What is normally checked during a database test?

A: Database testing should include field size assessment, constraint assessment, indexes, and stored procedures.

Q: What processes are involved in database testing?

A: Data validity testing, data integrity testing, performance testing, and testing of procedures, triggers, and functions. Data integrity tests should be performed in SQL queries.

Q: How do you check if a trigger fires or not during testing?

A: This can be verified by querying the common audit log.

Q: Is a “fast” database recovery rate a testable requirement?

A: No, all test metrics must be ambiguous. Any test should clearly state the performance or transaction requirements.

Q: How do you test if a database is updated when information is entered into the front end?

A: It depends on the application interface. If the app provides display functionality for entered data, you can check that from the front-end only. This is usually how black box engineers verify functionality.

Q: How do you test stored procedures?

A: First, this tester should go through each requirement to see what purpose a particular stored procedure is written for. Then check if all the required indexes, joins, updates and deletes are correct against the tables mentioned in the stored procedure. It is also important to ensure that the stored procedure follows a standard format. Then the tester can check the procedure call name, parameters, and expected responses for different sets.

Q: Describe the different stages of database testing.

A: There are five key steps:

  • Verify field-level data in the database for front-end transactions
  • Check Constraint
  • Check the execution of procedures
  • Check triggers (execution of triggers)
  • Check the transaction

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