61 questions and answers about Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, aka the day of love, honors love in all its forms. In the United States, the holidays are traditionally filled with tons of cheesy cards, candies, flowers, thoughtful gifts and romantic activities – but depending on where in the world you go, they are celebrated with a number of unique traditions. Although Valentine’s Day is often criticized for being too commercial and contrived, there are many reasons to participate in the day of love, whether with friends, family or your romantic partner.

While typical Valentine’s Day activities include going out to dinner or seeing a movie, why not go the non-traditional route and quiz someone you love with a series of puzzling Valentine’s Day Q&As? If you’re looking for a more low-key way to celebrate Valentine’s Day — or just something different to do — trivia is the way to go. This Valentine’s Day trivia game is perfect for all ages and can be a great way to break the ice with your crush or make your friends laugh at your next Valentine’s Day party. Discover the holiday’s history, unique global celebrations, sweet candy facts and more with these 61 trivia questions!

Valentine’s Day History Quiz

  • In Victorian times, people sent sassy and often insulting cards to their haters on Valentine’s Day – a stark departure from the loving cards we send today. What were their names? (Valentine’s Day Vinegar)
  • When was February 14 first officially declared a public holiday? (King Henry VIII declared the date of Valentine’s Day as 1537.)
  • What famous structure was built to honor love and loyalty? (The Taj Mahal. After the death of his wife in 1631, Emperor Shah Jahan built a magnificent mausoleum in her memory. The building houses their tombs.)
  • How old is the oldest known love poem? (2031 BCE, from the time of the Sumerians. The poem, written on a clay tablet, was found in Iraq.)
  • Saint Valentine of Rome, who inspired the feast we know today, was martyred when? (269 CE)
  • What year did the famous card company Hallmark launch its first Valentine’s Day product? (1916 – although the company had started offering cards three years earlier, in 1913)
  • When and by whom was the first American Valentine published? (1849 by Esther Howland)
  • When did it become common and popular to exchange cards and gifts on Valentine’s Day? (18th century England)
  • The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was set up by which famous mobster? (Al Capone)
  • Valentine’s Day has not always been celebrated on February 14. What day was the holiday originally celebrated in ancient Rome? (February 15)

Worldwide celebrations of love

  • Which country celebrates a “day of love” on the 14th of every month? (South Korea)
  • What is a popular activity to do in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day? (Get married! During the holidays, large masses of couples gather and publicly pronounce their vows.)
  • Ghana celebrates February 14 in a different way, with the day officially declared as what? (National Chocolate Day)
  • On Valentine’s Day, women – not men – traditionally buy chocolates and gifts in which country? (Japan)
  • In Japan, women give gifts on Valentine’s Day, but what day is it dedicated to them to get treatment? (On White Day, celebrated on March 14, men give women gifts and chocolates.)
  • Which country celebrates “Friends’ Day” rather than Valentine’s Day? (Finland)
  • In which country is held Lovapalooza, an event where thousands of couples kiss simultaneously? (The Philippines! The country broke the world record in 2004, with 5,347 pairs of locked lips.)
  • Which country celebrates Trifon Zarezan’s Day, as well as Valentine’s Day? (Bulgaria. Trifon Day Zarezan honors Saint Trifon, the patron saint of vineyards. People celebrate this special day with lots of wine and delicious food!)
  • In which month does Wales celebrate some sort of Valentine’s Day? (January. On January 25, the country celebrates Saint Dwynwen’s Day, maintaining centuries of tradition by trading handcrafted wooden spoons with each other.)
  • Which country celebrates Valentine’s Day during the summer? (Argentina)

romance movies quiz

  • Noah and Allie, characters from the 2004 film Notebook, were played by which real couple at the time? (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The two dated after shooting the movie together from 2005 to 2007.)
  • The 1999 movie 10 things i hate about you is actually based on which Shakespeare play? (The Taming of the Shrew)
  • Julia Roberts was only 21 when she played Vivian Ward in which movie? (A pretty woman)
  • Which romantic comedy-drama was nominated for seven Oscars in 1998? (As good as it gets – actors Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt won Best Actor and Actress Oscars for their performances.)
  • Speaking of the 1998 Oscars, which classic romance won best picture? (Titanic)
  • The hilarious romantic comedy of 2006 She is the man was inspired by which Shakespearean play? (twelfth night)
  • Which Shakespeare-Inspired Movie Won Gwyneth Paltrow Her First Best Actress Oscar? (Shakespeare in love)
  • Which superhero movie features an iconic kiss given upside down? (Spider Man)
  • In which three romantic comedies did Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star together? (the Marriage A singer, 50 first dates, and Mixture)

Love Song Trivia

  • The song “I Will Always Love You” was covered by Whitney Houston. Who originally wrote and recorded the song? (Dolly Parton)
  • rolling stone lists “I Want to Know What Love Is” as one of the greatest songs of all time. What band sings this song? (Foreigner)
  • The Supremes’ song “You Can’t Hurry Love” was revitalized in 1982 and performed by which popular British artist? (Phil Collins)
  • Which 1985 song features music legends Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross? (“Part-Time Lovers”)
  • Which rock classic was Bon Jovi’s first number one hit? (“You give love a bad name”)
  • Which 1972 Elvis Presley hot song topped the charts and became one of his most popular songs? (“Burning Love”)
  • Which legendary singer released the song “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in 1984? (Tina Turner)

Sweet treat quiz

  • Which candy giant is known for creating the first heart-shaped chocolate box? (Richard Cadbury, son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury)
  • How many heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold each year? (36 million)
  • Which loving candy was first introduced in 1907? (Hershey’s Kisses)
  • Speaking of Hershey’s Kisses, when did the pink and red Valentine’s Kisses variety come out? (While the original kisses were introduced in the early 1900s, the special Valentine’s Day kisses weren’t released until 1986.)
  • Conversation hearts are an iconic part of Valentine’s Day. Which company produced these adorable treats until 2019? (Neco)
  • When were conversation cores invented? (In 1847, Necco founder Oliver R. Chase created a machine that cut medicine lozenges, eventually starting his own candy factory. It wasn’t until 1866 that his brother Daniel developed a mechanism to print sweets messages.)
  • How many conversation hearts are produced each year? (eight billion)
  • Trick question! What fruit was once known as the “candy apple”? (Tomato)
  • Which state produces the most chocolate? (Pennsylvania)
  • Around Valentine’s Day, how many pounds of kisses does Hershey make? (Eight millions)

Miscellaneous questions about Valentine’s Day

  • With Valentine’s Day at number two, what’s the biggest card-sending holiday? (Christmas)
  • Which popular video streaming platform launched on Valentine’s Day 2005? (Youtube)
  • In the abbreviation “XO”, what do “X” and “O” stand for? (The “X” stands for kisses and the “O” stands for hugs.)
  • In which US state is a city named after the holiday? (If you’re really looking for love, look no further than Valentine, TX. The town even offers special holiday postmarks!)
  • Known as the god of desire, love and affection, which mythological figure is the symbol of Valentine’s Day? (Cupid)
  • Cupid is the god of love, but who is the goddess of love? (Aphrodite)
  • What is the universal symbol of love, often associated with Valentine’s Day? (A heart)
  • Which state produces the most roses? (California)
  • Speaking of roses, 60% of roses are imported into the United States from other countries. Which country exports the most roses? (Colombia)
  • What is the name of the Valentine’s Day spin-off, usually celebrated between single friends? (Galentina Day)
  • What hormone is called the “love hormone”? (Oxytocin)
  • How much do Americans collectively spend on Valentine’s Day? ($50 million including gifts and activities)
  • Valentine’s Day is the most popular date for giving flowers. What is the second most popular day? (Mothers’ Day)
  • How many people buy gifts for their pets on Valentine’s Day? (28% of American adults buy gifts for their adorable four-legged friends.)
  • How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year? (One billion)


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