55 Christmas questions (with answers) [2021]


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anecdotes about Christmas traditions

Question: Where does the tradition of hanging Christmas wreaths come from?

Reply: Ancient Rome

Question: When did Americans start decorating Christmas trees?

Reply: The 1890s

Question: When and where was the first Christmas card sent?

Reply: 1843 in the United Kingdom

Question: According to legend, what happens if you refuse a kiss under the mistletoe?

Reply: You have bad luck

Question: What country does the manufacture of gingerbread houses originate from?

Reply: Germany

Question: What we call Christmas carols today really started in Europe thousands of years ago when people sang pagan songs to celebrate what event?

Reply: The winter solstice

Question: Leaving Santa’s milk and cookies on Christmas Eve became popular in the United States when?

Reply: The great Depression

Question: Where did the tradition of using poinsettias for Christmas decorations originate?

Reply: Mexico

Question: What new Christmas tradition involves an elf being placed in your house to watch whether a child is behaving or not?

Reply: Elf on a shelf

Question: Who is supposed to be the first person to put lighted candles in a Christmas tree?

Reply: Martin Luther

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Christmas movie trivia

Question: Who recounted the animated version of How the Grinch stole Christmas?

Reply: Boris Karloff

Question: In what year did Santa Claus make his film debut?

Reply: 1898

Question: How many movies are in Santa franchise?

Reply: 3

Question: Which Christmas movie centers on a young boy taking a magical train journey to the North Pole?

Reply: The Polar Express

Question: What Christmas movie does Arnold Schwarzenegger play in?

Reply: Jingle All the Way

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Anecdote about the Christmas song

Question: Who sings the original “Rockin ‘Around the Christmas Tree”?

Reply: Brenda Lee

Question: What’s the best-selling Christmas song of all time?

Reply: Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”

Question: Complete the lyrics: “What a beautiful time, this is the right time …”

Reply: “To rock the night away”

Question: What is the most popular Christmas song?

Reply: “Silent night”

Question: Which two Beatles members released their own Christmas songs?

Reply: Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Question: According to the beloved song, what are Frosty the Snowman’s eyes made of?

Reply: Coal

Question: According to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, what gift was given on the twelfth day of Christmas?

Reply: 12 drummers drumming

Question: “Do you hear what I hear” was written as a call for peace during what historic event?

Reply: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Question: In what year did Mariah Carey release “All I Want for Christmas is You”?

Reply: 1994

Question: Which group of the 80s interprets the Christmas hit “Last Christmas”?

Reply: Pan!

Add the songs mentioned above (and those other great Christmas songs) to your holiday playlist; everyone will be swinging around the Christmas tree before you know it.


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