50 Science Questions People Always Get Wrong (With Answers)


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hard science quiz

11. Trivial question: What is the largest desert in the world?

Answer: It is not the Sahara, but in fact Antarctica!

12. Trivial question: True or false? Lasers work by focusing on sound waves.

Answer: False. “Laser” is actually an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers focus light waves, not sound waves.

13. Trivial question: what does DNA mean?

Answer: Deoxyribonucleic acid.

14. Trivial question: do diamonds last forever?

Answer: No. Diamonds don’t last still. They will eventually degrade into graphite, although the process takes over a billion years.

15. Trivial question: what do you call a material that does not carry an electric charge?

Answer: An insulator.

16. Trivial question: Will your height be affected if you go into space?

Answer: Yes. You will be taller because you will no longer be subject to gravity. And did you know that does outer space actually have a smell?

17. Trivial Question: At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit equal?

Answer: -40.

18. Trivial question: Approximately how long does it take for sunlight to reach the Earth: 8 minutes, 8 hours or 8 days?

Answer: 8 minutes.

19. Trivial question: How do airplanes stay in the air?

Answer: Airplanes stay in the air because of the shape of their wings. Air moving over the wing is forced downward, which pushes the wing up. This thrust is stronger than gravity and therefore makes the plane fly. There’s also a reason airplane windows are round.

20. Trivial question: what is chalk made of?

Answer: It comes from limestone, which formed from the shells of tiny sea animals.

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Science facts about nature

21. Trivial question: Which freezes faster, hot water or cold water?

Answer: Hot water freezes faster than cold water, this is called the Mpemba effect.

22. Trivial question: on which continent will you not find bees?

Answer: Antarctica.

23. Trivial question: What is the only floating rock?

Answer: pumice stone. It forms from the foam at the top of the lava flow, which cools very quickly.

24. Trivial question: True or false? Chameleons only change color to blend in with their surroundings.

Answer: False. Chameleons also change color for other reasons, such as regulating body temperature, when feeling aggressive, and when feeling excited.

25. Trivial question: can lightning strike the same place twice?

Answer: If you answered no to this scientific question, you are wrong. It’s done After probable that lightning will strike twice in the same place.

26. Trivial question: True or false? Shark cartilage can cure cancer.

Answer: Unfortunately, many still believe that shark cartilage can cure cancer, resulting in the death of sharks. This is false, and scientists now have proof that there are sharks themselves with cancerous tumors.

27. Trivial question: How long does a goldfish’s memory last?

Answer: Most people would say goldfish only have a three second memory. However, their memories actually last for several days.

28. Trivial question: Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?

Answer: Many may think that the answer to this scientific question is Mount Everest. However, the peak of Chimborazo in Ecuador is farthest from the center of the earth.

29. Trivial question: How many bones do sharks have in their bodies?

Answer: Zero! Instead, they have strong, flexible cartilage. Sharks are fascinating, if a little misunderstood.

30. Trivial question: can gold be created from other elements?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to create gold from other elements, but it is so complicated and expensive that it would cost you more to make it than to buy it.

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Science facts about the body

31. Trivial question: What is the heaviest organ in the human body?

Answer: The liver.

32. Trivial Question: How does fat leave your body when you lose weight?

Answer: Through your sweat, urine and breath.

33. Trivial question: from which part of the body escapes the majority of the heat of your body?

Answer: This is a clever scientific question. Most people think the answer is your head, but you lose heat evenly throughout your body.

34. Trivial question: How many senses do humans have?

Answer: You thought the answer was five? You actually have more – many neurologists identify nine or more senses. Fun fact: there is also things dogs can smell that humans can’t.

35. Trivial question: Which blood group is the rarest in humans?

Answer: AB negative.

36. Trivial question: How many teeth does an adult human have?

Answer: 32.

37. Trivial question: How many bones are there in the human body?

Answer: 206.

38. Trivial question: What part of the human body serves to maintain balance?

Answer: The ears.

39. Trivial question: who has more hair follicles, blondes or brunettes?

Answer: blondes.

40. Trivial question: What color is the blood inside your body?

Answer: Dark red. Although your veins appear blue, human blood contains hemoglobin, and hemoglobin is a red protein, so your body’s blood is dark red.


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