50+ questions and answers about horror movies for a scary quiz


Are you a horror movie enthusiast who wants to put your knowledge into practice? Horror movie questions are always entertaining, especially when everyone participates. When the weather and mood are perfect, horror movies are a popular choice to watch. These horror movie questions and answers will be useful at any time.

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Horror movies are purposely created to scare audiences. Otherworldly powers or malevolent personalities are usually featured in the main plots of horror movies. Popular horror movies usually incorporate monsters. Below are some horror movie questions and answers you should know.

Horror Movie Questions and Answers

Horror films can contain scenes of physical violence and psychological terror; it can be studies of deformed people, stories of terrible monsters or stories of evil animals. Here are some modern horror movie questions and answers about your favorite genre.

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  • What is the name of the child who is carried away by evil spirits in Fighting spirit? Carol Ann
  • Which Georges Méliès horror film is widely recognized as the world’s first horror film? The Devil’s Castle
  • In the 1954 film Their!, what was the monster? Ants
  • What was the nickname of serial killer Freddy Krueger before his death? The Springwood Killer
  • In which horror movie did the magician David Copperfield appear? train of terror
  • In Scream, what’s rule #1 on Randy’s list of rules for surviving a horror movie? Not having sex
  • Which 2013 remake of The Book of the Dead and a Cabin in the Woods has finally appeared in theaters after years of discussion? evil Dead
  • What is the song played at the beginning of Halloween II? Mr Sandman
  • Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube teamed up in the 1997 film Anaconda to take on Jon Voight and a gigantic snake. What was the title of the sequel to this film released in 2004? The Blood Orchid Hunt
  • This 2009 horror film, directed by Bruce McDonald and set in an Ontario community, centers on an epidemic spread by the English language. What was his name? Pontypool
  • What other species have aliens fought in a new film directed by resident Evil filmmaker Paul WS Anderson in 2004? predators

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90s Horror Movies Questions and Answers

90s Horror Movies Questions and Answers
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If you love horror movies, you’ll recognize certain characters and probably certain moments from the show or movie. Take a look at some tough horror movie questions and answers.

  • What scary movie is the origin of the famous phrase “Do you like horror movies”? Scream (1996)
  • According to Stephen King, which screen adaptation was a flop? the brilliant
  • In the famous horror movie The Mummy (1999), which ancient city is home to the mummy? Hamunaptra
  • What is the name of the nurse at the asylum where Dr. Hannibal Lecter was held? Thesilenceofthelambs? Barney
  • Frank Marshall directed which 1990 horror movie starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman? Arachnophobia
  • In Leprechaun (1993), which famous actress was featured in their first major film role? Jennifer Aniston
  • In The Mummy (1999), the main characters unearth Imhotep, a former high priest. What’s his first agenda once he’s awake? To find his true love
  • What was the name of the TV miniseries about a group of friends fighting the scariest clown ever? This
  • What horror movie made fun of horror movies? Scream
  • Danny Glover became the lead role in which sequel movie after Arnold Schwarzenegger passed it on? Predator 2
  • Why was Colin Clive seated for most of his scenes in Bride of Frankenstein (1935)? He had a broken leg

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Horror Movie Questions and Answers

horror movie questions and answers
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Are you a fan of horror movies and want to put your knowledge to the test? These horror movie questions will come in handy for you anytime.

  • What is the name of the dance at the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Time Distortion
  • Which arms does Leatherface prefer? Chain saw
  • Which 2012 horror movie starred Ethan Hawke as a troubled writer and included a demon known as Bughuul? Claim
  • Which movie is known for its main character with long, sharp claws and a burnt face? freddie
  • In Clive Barker’s original novel, Hell Heart, What is Pinhead’s real name? hell priest
  • What kind of plant was inside Rosemary’s baby locket? tannin root
  • What was the name of the building where Rosemary and Guy moved into in Rosemary’s Baby? The Bramford
  • In 28 days later, who is responsible for releasing the deadly virus? animal rights activist
  • Thanks to internet fans, which horror movie monster became an LGBTQ+ icon? The Babadook
  • In which movie do the cultists of Five Points Trinity Church go after as their captives try to escape imprisonment? red state
  • What a horror sequel, dubbed Terminal, took place in an airport and was released in 2011? Quarantine 2
  • Which of the films featured demonic fairies from the depths and was created by Guillermo del Toro and based on a 1973 TV movie? Don’t be afraid of the dark
  • What is Nancy’s address in the original Freddie? 1428 Elm Street
  • Who did Dr. Frankenstein tame in George Romero The day of the Dead? Boob
  • During this 1986 film, a group of teenagers traveled to an island cottage for spring break, where they ended up being killed by Buffy St. John, their friend’s deranged twin sister. , Muffy. What movie was it? April Fool

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Easy questions and answers about horror movies

easy horror movie quiz
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Nothing appeals to horror movie lovers more than knowing their favorite films. Movie nights and quizzes are a great way to test people’s memories and knowledge while answering questions. Take a look at the following list.

  • The Babysitter Murders was the original title of which iconic horror movie? Halloween
  • What was the first horror film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar? The Exorcist
  • The film When a stranger calls is based on what urban legend? The babysitter and the stranger upstairs
  • What movie scared William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist? The Babadook
  • What was the name of the boy who drowned in Friday 13 ? Jason Vorhees
  • New Line Cinema was saved from bankruptcy with which 1984 film? freddie
  • Which movie, starring Brad Pitt, presented the seven deadly sins of the Bible? Se7fr
  • What does the Native American shaman give Steve in Poltergeist II? power of smoke
  • Annabelle the doll first appeared in which horror movie? Conspiracy
  • In Carriewhat do the other students throw on it Carrie at the Bal? pig blood
  • In what skin does Kirsty wear Hell: Hellraiser II? Julia’s
  • Jamie Lee Curtis, the woman who brought the Halloween heroine to life, had two famous parents. Who were they, exactly? Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh
  • What essential information does the interviewer give the babysitter When a stranger calls (2006)? It comes from inside the house!
  • Which movie, starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George, was recreated in 2005 based on a book by Jay Anson? The Amityville Horror.

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What is the no. 1 horror movie?

The best horror movie of all time is the movie Extraterrestrial (1979). It has a score of 8.5 (out of 10) on IMDb98% tomatometer score and 94% audience score on rotten tomatoes and 89% on Metacritic. Critics and horror fans consider it a must-watch.

Now when it comes to the scariest movie of all time, a lot of people agree it’s the 1973 classic. The Exorcist. Even after all these years, he still manages to scare off some of the most hardened people.

What is the most famous horror movie quote?

The most famous quote from a horror movie has to be “Here comes Johnny!” of the brilliant (1980). Even people who have never seen the movie have probably heard this phrase. Next comes “Do you want to play a game?” from Seen series.

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If you answered all of these questions correctly, you can definitely consider yourself a super fan of the horror genre. Now is the time for you to test your friends’ knowledge of all things horror! Use this horror movie trivia game for game night or just to impress others.

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