5 trivial questions to test your knowledge


May 16, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Colorado Rockies interim general manager Bill Schmidt before the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With Major League Baseball currently in the midst of a lockout, the Colorado Rockies and other MLB teams have seen free agent signings and trades come to a halt. However, once the lockout is over, the Rockies are expected to take steps to strengthen a roster that was 74-87 last season and hasn’t been in the playoffs since the 2018 campaign. .

But will these movements take place via trade? Will the Colorado Rockies shake up their roster with player trades? If so, it’s worth looking back at the Rockies’ recent history via trades with some teams, while others haven’t worked with Colorado on a deal in some time.

Let’s take a look at some previous trades made by the Colorado Rockies and see if readers can answer these trivial questions.

Let’s focus on five questions that deal with the commercial history of the Rockies. We’ll ask the questions on this page, then provide the answers on the next two pages.

Note that all answers in this article are from Baseball-Reference.com. As defined by this site, a trade can also include any time a player is bought by or from another team without a player returning.

issue 1

With which MLB franchise have the Rockies traded the most?

issue 2

Which National League franchises have the Rockies traded the least with? (Hint: it’s a three-way tie)

issue 3

Which American League franchises have the Rockies traded the fewest with? (Hint: it’s a four-way tie)

question 4

Which MLB franchise has the longest tenure not to trade with the Rockies?

issue 5

Which National League West franchise holds the current record for the most all-time trades with the Rockies?


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