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Try to name a Disney character for each letter of the alphabet! Just to let you know, these are just animated characters from Disney Animation Studios and Pixar feature films with a theatrical release. If you try to type Figment or Launchpad McQuack, you’re going to have a hard time. Additionally, you will notice that “X” is not included. You’re welcome. Good luck! Take the quiz below!



There are 15 live-action remakes of fully animated Disney movies. Can you name them?



Sort these movies by clicking on the Venn diagram based on whether they came out before 1970, one or both parents were absent from the whole movie or died during it, whether it contains a talking animal or a combination of these three categories! Good luck!



Name all the Disney movies (live and animated) that have been made into Broadway productions. This does not include shows like Cinderella, which was on Broadway, but not based on Disney Cinderella movie.

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