25 simplest questions for older people with dementia


Dementia is a terrible disease, but these 25 simplest quiz questions for older people with dementia may provide a bright spark in the day for anyone with dementia. Click to move forward and go to The 10 easiest questions for older people with dementia.

So what is dementia? Well, it’s a disease that actually encompasses symptoms of cognitive decline. Forgetting is one of the main symptoms of cognitive decline, and one of the most obvious and visible. This is why it is such a heartbreaking disease. Having your loved one in pain and slowly forgetting short term memories and in the end even forgetting about you and who you are, well, I can’t think of anything more painful than that.

While you might think that dementia only occurs in older people, and our article focuses on older people as well, this is not always the case. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that dementia isn’t even a normal part of the aging process. Most old people will not have dementia and, like my grandfather, will remember details and memories vividly, even until their last days. That said, there are still over 47 million people living with dementia worldwide, and probably many more who go undiagnosed. Of course, forgetfulness is not the only symptom of the illness in others, including difficulty with easy and familiar tasks, disorientation, communication problems, mood swings, and personality changes. among a few others.

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Now dementia, especially advanced dementia, has no cure. If you get it, you can take medicine to slow the growth, but there is no cure yet. Donepezil from Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), Rivastigmine from Novartis (NYSE: NVS), and Galantamine from Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) are among the drugs approved by the FDA to treat Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia. Alector (NASDAQ: ALEC) and Denali Therapeutics (NASDAQ: DNLI) are two of the next generation biotech companies trying to fight neurodegenerative diseases. Hedge funds are bullish on both stocks, but they are particularly bullish on Alecteur. At the end of the second quarter, there were a total of 29 hedge funds with bullish positions in ALEC. This figure was 21 for DNLI. It should be noted that none of these 5 stocks are currently in the Top 10 Hedge Fund Stock Picks.

One solution to slowing the progression of dementia suggested by experts is brain exercise. Researchers around the world agree that brain games can help slow growth and are actually great exercises for patients with dementia. However, you can’t just take just any trivia and use it for older people with dementia. It needs to be considered in a way that helps them maintain and recover their memory, and also to prevent them from feeling bad about not knowing some of the answers, which can even lead to depression.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best trivia for seniors. If you also have kids in your home besides adults, then you might want to take a look at the 25 Easiest Questions for Kids. We used FiftiesWeb and SeniorsLoveToKnow, in addition to a few additional sites to provide our 25 questions. Most of the questions relate to events that happened decades ago because dementia payments have better long-term memory than short-term memory. So let’s take a look at the questions that will stimulate any senior with dementia, starting with angel number 25:

25. What year did Disneyland open?

Answer: 1955

It might be good to have a threshold of +/- a few years, but this was a major event that many older people will remember.

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24. For which disease did Dr. Jonas Salk succeed in creating a vaccine in 1952?

Answer: polio

Another major event that many seniors will still remember, this should be a good place to start the trivia.

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23. Which famous explorer climbed Mount Everest for the first time in 1953?

Answer: Sir Edmund Hillary

Even I remember the answer to this question, so older people, especially those in the United States, are also likely to remember.

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22. In 1964, Jack Ruby was convicted of murdering what other accused assassin?

Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald

The conclusion of one of the most tragic events in America, this question can be etched in the minds of most people.

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21. Which Olympic athlete set a record in 1972 by winning seven gold medals?

Answer: Mark Spitz

Mark Spitz was in the ’70s what Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps are today, so most would remember the answer.

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20. Which famous band arrived in the United States from England in February 1964?

Answer: the Beatles

Beatlemania reached its peak in the 1960s and this movement will not be forgotten by many who were there to witness it.

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19. Who replaced the Shah of Iran in 1979?

Answer: Ayatollah Khomeini

A little difficult, but the overthrow of the Shah of Iran was major world news.

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18. What is the name of the fatal disease that struck a convention in Philadelphia in July 1976 and was named for the convention where it struck?

Answer: Legionnaire’s disease

Talking about another illness can make things brighter or darker, depending on your mood.

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17. What war ended in April 1975 with the fall of Saigon?

Answer: Vietnam

Be careful, do not mention this if the senior you are playing with is a war veteran as it could awaken terrible memories.

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16. Which iconic blonde actress, and supposed lover of President John F. Kennedy, was found dead in her bedroom on August 5, 1962?

Answer: Marilyn Monroe

Again, this is an answer everyone may be familiar with.

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15. Which young rising star of the film Rebel Without a Cause died in a car accident in 1955?

Answer: James Dean

James Dean was a global icon even though he had barely appeared in any film although his legacy was cemented after his death.

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14. Which president resigned in 1974 following the Watergate scandal?

Answer: Richard Nixon

Perhaps one of the most infamous events in American history with global ramifications.

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13. Which newspaper heiress participated in a bank robbery in San Francisco in April 1974?

Answer: Patty Hearst

A little difficult just to keep things interesting.

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12. Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded which company in 1975?

Answer: Microsoft

To cover the previous difficult question, here’s a softball.

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11. Who played the role of Norman Bates in the 1960 horror film, Psycho?

Answer: Anthony Perkins

Psycho is legendary even today, as is Anthony Perkins.

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