16 of the dumbest interview questions for celebrities


While there is no doubt that celebrities are looking for several perks when doing an interview, we cannot deny that being a celebrity comes at its own price.

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With their privacy trampled on, interviewers make a pungent headline with every word they say. Here are the dumbest questions ever asked in a celebrity interview.

1. When a reporter told Sunny Leone that he thought he was corrupt just by sitting down with her.

With questions like ‘Do you think your past will continue to haunt you?‘ and ‘How many people would grow up thinking of becoming a porn star?‘Leone was asked a series of downright offensive questions by a News18 presenter.

2. When Robert Pattinson was asked about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend shortly after she cheated on him.

During a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Pattinson walked out after less than two minutes when Ryan asked about his relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart; after cheating on him.

3. When Priyanka Chopra, OG’s queen of cheek, was asked why a feminist never takes a stand for a man beaten for teasing.

Being the tough guy that she is, she went on to explain the fundamental difference between gender equality and feminism. She said, “Physiologically, men and women are different. There is no debate about it. When we talk about equality and opportunity, we are talking about cerebral opportunity. We’re not saying we want to be able to be like a 200 pound man and beat someone else. We say you give the opportunity to get the job, to be the CEO and not to ask questions when you drive at 50 and have three kids, how you are doing, don’t question me at all. That is what I am saying. I can be a CEO and a mother.

4. When Anne Hathaway was asked how much weight she had lost to fit into her costume.

While promoting The dark knight rises, interviewer Chris Van Vliet asked Hathaway how much weight she lost to fit into the Catwoman costume. She gasped dramatically and said playfully: “Young man in front”.

5. When a misguided journalist asked Parineeti Chopra a sexist question.

At a press conference, a reporter said that “When girls are young they like it and when they get old they start screaming and screaming and say men exploit themWithout thinking twice, Parineeti told him about his ridiculous comments about sex.

6. When Scarlett Johansson was asked what type of underwear she wears under her Avengers ensemble.

With an embarrassed and nervous burst of laughter, Johansson said, “What’s going on? When did people start asking questions in interviews about their underwear?

7. When Kangana Ranaut was asked what song she would dance to at Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli’s wedding.

The Queen star blamed the reporter for asking her the dumbest question ever, saying “Kya aap meri khilli udaa rahe hain?

8. When The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik was asked if she could solve math problems like her character IRL.

While on the red carpet, Bialik made it very awkward when she let reporters know that she had a doctorate in neuroscience and was more than capable of solving math problems.

9. When a reporter asked the Happy New Year actors about their frequent trips to Dubai.

During an interview, the reporter kept asking the team how they could get there due to their production schedule in the New Year. However, it was Shah Rukh’s witty response that stole the show.

10. When a reporter asked Justin Timberlake why he wanted to make movies after being in a showbiz business.

While promoting their film in Russia, Mila Kunis stepped in to defend Timberlake and told the reporter how stupid her question was in plain Russian.

11. When we asked Parineeti Chopra if it was a good idea to go on a food tour, to promote a film about food.

When Parineeti announced a food tour for his film Daawat-E-Ishq, a journalist asked him: “You have been criticized for your weight. Do you think it’s a good idea to take this trip as an actress?“She laughed and said the question was absolutely ridiculous to her.

12. When Rani Mukherjee learned in an interview that Bollywood actresses are just pickles in their films.

Rani didn’t care when a reporter made this insanely stupid statement, at a press conference for the film Mardaani.

13. When Megan Fox was asked if she thought there would be more female roles in superhero movies in the near future.

Pointing out the stupidity of the question, she said: “Do you think I would answer anything other than yes to this question? So you think I’d be like, no now is not the time for women to be in the movies, let’s go back 50 years?

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14. When we asked Rashida Jones why she looked so tanned.

On the red carpet of Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Jones had the awesome response when told she looked tanned. “I mean, you know I’m ethnicQuincy Jones’ daughter laughed.

15. When a reporter credited Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli with starting the “trend” to get married.

SRK ridiculed the reporter saying: “Yeh trend toh simple maa-baap ne shuru kiya thaKatrina and Anushka, who were sitting right next to him, couldn’t stop laughing.

16. When a reporter asked Vidya if she was either going to lose weight or make female-centric films because of course the two are mutually exclusive … no.

What is the relationship between woman centered and weight loss?“Vidya chuckled.”No, I’m very happy with the kind of roles I do. It would be great if you could change your mind.“She added.

Five words of farewell- how stupid can you be?

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