15 inappropriate interview questions for celebrities


A while back, we asked members of the BuzzFeed community to tell us what celebrity interview timing was inappropriate or inappropriate. Many submissions included interviewers asking questions that went completely over the line. Here are the most shocking:


When Robert Downey Jr. was promoting a Marvel movie and was asked about his past drug use and arrest.

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“RDJ clearly looked like he didn’t want to answer, but the interviewer kept pushing him to the point where RDJ left the room.”



When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen opened up about the rumors they had eating disorders, Oprah then asked them how tall they were.


“When she interviewed the Olsen twins she was so disrespectful the whole time. This interview is probably the reason they’re so notoriously private now.”



When Jay Leno asked Kanye West if his recently deceased mother would be ashamed of him for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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“I don’t support Kanye, but asking a question like this when someone is in such a vulnerable state is just plain wrong.”



When David Letterman asked Lindsay Lohan questions about rehab that weren’t approved.


“Letterman started to shame her and her rehab failures and kept pushing her. She handled it well, but ew.”



When Anne Hathaway was on Today’s show talk about Wretched, and the first thing Matt Lauer did was ask her about the photo the paparazzi took of her skirt.


“She was able to lead the conversation slightly, but Matt just didn’t drop the topic. It was so squeaky and uncomfortable.”



When Wendy Williams asked Laverne Cox some extremely personal questions about her transition.

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When David Letterman interviewed Paris Hilton and blinded her with a question about her time in prison.


“You could see she was holding back all her anger. But making fun of something when you’re trying to move on with life was so out of place.”



When an interviewer asks One Direction which member of the group sleeps with the most women.


When Ellen asked BTS if they had ever met their fans.


“So disrespectful and it made RM so uncomfortable. She then went further when they didn’t respond and asked the translator to translate for her. Not funny.”



When Scarlett Johansson was giving a press conference for The Avengers and she was asked if she was wearing any underwear under her costume.

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When Jane Fonda was promoting her new movie and Megyn Kelly asked about her cosmetic surgeries.


“Megyn was not allowed to ask her questions about it. We all know she had an operation, but who cares? It’s her body. Jane was there to promote a movie, not to discuss his personal choices. “



When Howard Stern asked Harry Styles about his father and his recently deceased father-in-law.


When Wendy Williams asked Draya Michele how many basketball players she had been with.

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When Katie Couric asked Carmen Carrera if she had had butt surgery.


“Carmen wasn’t comfortable with the question. Laverne Cox was also on the show and she was quick to silence Katie with an eloquent explanation as to why her line of questions was offensive.”

—Violent heart and soul


And when Wendy Williams asked 18-year-old Marcus Scribner if he was a virgin.

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“He was very uncomfortable and to make matters worse his father was on the camera side to see everything. She said the reason she asked was because her character in Blackish was sexually active. Fortunately, he nervously doesn’t care and says the public can use their imaginations on this subject. “


What are some totally inappropriate questions interviewers have asked celebrities? Let us know in the comments.

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