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NAGPUR: On a blustery day in Scotland last month, 11-year-old Rucha Chandorkar learned that she is now part of an elite group – the smartest 1% of people on this planet. With a Mensa IQ score of 162 – the highest possible – Rucha also secured the bragging rights of his older brother Akhilesh who in 2016 scored 160 on the same test.
It is widely believed that Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160.
At the time, the Chandorkars were living in Nagpur and TOI had reported on Akhilesh’s feat. In 2019 the family returned to Scotland where parents Rutwik and Sonali had spent much of their professional careers.
While other young people fell in love with Mensa earlier, there are no reported stories of Indian-born siblings achieving such phenomenal grades.
Although thousands of IQ testing platforms are now available with varying scoring range, Mensa IQ score is the clear leader among them.
For Rucha, the whole Mensa thing started in 2016. “Bhaiyya got 160 points at Mensa and he’s been in a lot of media interviews, so I thought when I’m 11 I’ll be there for it too. the test, ”Rucha said.
The results announced in the last week of September were definitely a surprise. Rucha said: “I was expecting 130 and hoping for more. But when I saw 162, I was overjoyed.
With a two-point bonus on her brother’s score, Rucha is convinced that she won’t be the little sister who can be pushed around now. “Yeah, I’ll keep rubbing it, I guess,” Rucha laughs.
Akhilesh said, “Yes, she has already started doing it. So every once in a while she’ll say ‘hey, I’m smarter than you’. But I remind him that I have five more years of experience.
Rutwik and Sonali, both from IT backgrounds, had no doubts that Rucha was a gifted child. “We were able to pick up those signals as she was doing things beyond her age. Solving puzzles, puzzles for academics, Rucha has always shown a brilliant streak, ”Sonali said.
Rutwik said: “She always saw Akhilesh as a role model, so it was quite natural that she too tried the Mensa test.”
Rucha is very interested in illustrations and drawing and hopes to explore this as a career. Akhilesh is interested in mathematics and physics, with a particular emphasis on space exploration.
What is Mensa
Founded in Oxford in 1946 by Roland Berrill, an Australian lawyer, and Dr. Lance Ware, scientist and lawyer, the organization has spread around the world. Membership is limited to the top 2% of the population by IQ.



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