11 common HR interview questions for beginners


As a fresh out of college student, your first job interviews can be intimidating. Lots of questions can come to mind, like how to present yourself in an interview, what is the best dress code for interviews? And above all, what HR interview questions are asked?

If you are a youngster who has a job interview coming up and you google search to get an idea. So here are the 11 most common HR interview questions for freshmen that can help you.

11 most common HR interview questions for first year students that can help them during their first interview:

1. Tell me something about yourself

This is the most basic HR interview question for first year students, acting as an icebreaker between interviewer and interviewee.

Other than that, when HR asked “Tell me about yourself,” the recruiter wants to know what more you could say about yourself that isn’t on your resume.

2. Why did you choose this career?

Among other HR interview questions for freshmen, “Why did you choose this career?” »Finds its place in the priority list.

The reason recruiters ask this question is to make sure that a candidate is genuinely interested in the field, otherwise they will tip over at the slightest challenge.

Freshers can answer this HR interview question for Freshers as follows.

“I’ve always wanted to write, and with the rapidly changing dynamics of the digital world, the content space has become all the more important in growing a business. “

3. What are you passionate about?

This particular HR interview question for beginners allows the recruiter to understand various aspects such as your personality traits outside of the job, whether or not you will be a good fit for the team, etc.

So, freshers can respond in the following way.

“My parents always encouraged us to adopt a hobby like music, sports, dance, because it helps to develop discipline. I signed up for music lessons at the age of 5 and it quickly became a passion.

Take a look at the 11 most common HR interview questions for newbies.

4. What is your dream job?

This is one of the most popular HR interview questions for newbies that recruiters ask to understand what a candidate’s goals are and what drives them.

Here’s a fresher way to answer the HR interview question.

“I had studied medicine because I was inspired to see my grandfather save lives and help people and I wanted to do the same. However, working as a resident highlighted some issues in my ultimate motivation to help people. One of these major factors is the availability of drugs for all segments of society. “

5. How do you deal with stress and pressure?

Stress and pressure are an integral part of working life and are completely south of any stress and pressure that freshmen have faced in college.

This makes it an important question in the HR interview question pile for newbies, as it gives them insight into how you operate under stress and pressure at work.

Freshers can give the answer as follows.

“With the current fierce competition in all areas, stress and pressure are inevitable. “

“I believe a little stress is good for continuing to challenge yourself and it works completely in my stride.”

6. Are you ready to relocate?

Sometimes a job may require you to move to another city and the question “Are you ready to move?” Can help them reduce the number of volunteer applicants.

Freshers can answer these HR interview questions for Freshers as follows.

“Yes, I am ready to move. I don’t have any commitments as such here, and since this is my first job, I’m more interested in learning the tips and tricks of the trade. In addition, the opportunity for job profile growth is immense and I have no problem moving to such an incredible opportunity.

7. What is your greatest strength?

This question helps a recruiter understand whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for the job.

Here’s how freshers can answer such questions.

“I think one of my greatest strengths is that I’m extremely level-headed. I have never had a collapse, even under intense stress and pressure. I think it becomes extremely important to be able to tackle a problem without getting excited as it can lead to complications in the situation. “

8. What is your greatest achievement?

Recruiters typically ask this interview question to gauge what you think is important and why, whether or not you are ambitious enough to move forward.

Here’s how freshers can answer such questions.

“I believe my greatest achievement was when my article was published in a reputable journal and it was appreciated by one of the pillars of the field.”

9. How do you plan to reach your career goal?

A recruiter would always want a candidate to be with their company for the long term. Thus, they will lean in favor of applicants who not only have a defined career goal but also have a ready course of action for the same.

Here’s how freshers can reverse it.

“I planned and divided my long-term and short-term career goals because it helps me focus and easily achieve my goal. Currently, I am looking forward to completing my SEO course online as it is an essential part of my job as a content writer.

Take a look at the 11 most common HR interview questions for freshmen.

10. What salary do you expect?

This is one of the most popular HR interview questions that will come up with every job interview as you progress through Fresh Care.

Freshers may respond like this, “That’s a great question, could you split the amount you’re donating to a Fresher with the same job profile?” Or “Thanks for sharing, I agree with the amount you provided.”

11. Do you have any questions for me?

This is one of the HR interview questions for freshers that freshers should be prepared for. Recruiters always ask, “Do you have questions for me? To allow first year students to clear up any confusion or even if you have further questions about the company / job profile etc.

It also shows the recruiter that you are genuinely interested in the job and that you have done extensive research to prove it.

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