101 questions about “Grey’s Anatomy” that only true fans can answer



Some TV shows are canceled after one season. Some TV shows have a respectable five or six season series. And then there are TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy that have stood the test of time and have lasted well beyond what one could have imagined. In fact, the show’s success made it the longest-running medical drama to air on prime-time TV (sorry, emergency). And while rumors of his end date continue to circulate, he is currently in the middle of his 18th season. Yes you heard me right, 18 seasons of Grey’s! If you nod your head right now and think, I know, well, you’re probably a fan. But how big of a fan are you? The series has almost 400 episodes to its name, which equates to a ton of Grey’s Anatomy anecdotes.

While that seems like a lot of footage, the series can stretch all the way to season 19 and maybe even season 20. It remains beloved by millions of fans around the world – and for good reason. From steamy hookups in on-call rooms to complicated surgeries, this show never fails to leave its viewers on the edge of their seats in one form or another. It is impossible not to take root for the characters, and the plots continually immerse you in the sensations. (Seriously, try watching this show without a box of tissues by your side, I dare you.)

With that said, it’s high time to test your knowledge of Meredith Gray and the rest of the Gray Sloan gang with a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy anecdotes that will prove how deep your dedication is. These questions would also make a perfect activity to spice up Mom’s Night, to read about that girlish road trip you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, or to share with your best friend (or partner since we all know they secretly love it. also) during commercials when you watch the next episode.

So sit back, relax, and review the range of questions below.

Grey’s Anatomy Questions and answers

  1. Who created Grey’s Anatomy?
    Shonda rhime
  2. What does the title of the show refer to?
    The famous anatomy book Grey’s Anatomy
  3. What was the series going to be called originally?
  4. What was Derek Shepherd’s nickname?
  5. What was Mark Sloan’s nickname?
  6. What was Lexie Gray’s nickname?
    little grey
  7. How was Lexie related to Meredith?
    Half sister
  8. Where did Meredith go to college?
  9. What role did Sandra Oh initially hope to audition for?
    Dr Bailey
  10. What do locals call the plastic organ doll?
    Anatomy Jeanne
  11. What was the original name of the hospital where everyone works
    Seattle Grace
  12. Which hospital did they end up merging with?
    Mercy West
  13. This merger resulted in the hospital being renamed what?
    Seattle Grace Mercy West
  14. What is the current name of the hospital?
    Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital
  15. What is Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins and Mark Sloan’s daughter called?
  16. Who died as a result of the plane crash that took place at the end of Season 8?
    Lexie Gray and Mark Sloan
  17. In the first season, Derek tells Meredith his favorite color. What is that?
  18. Who does Cristina accidentally stab with an epi-pen in season 8?
  19. What endearing term do Meredith and Cristina use to call each other?
    “My person”
  20. Which well-known actor played the leader of the bomb squad in season 2?
    Kyle Chandler
  21. What is the design of Derek’s favorite scrub cap?
    Ferry boats
  22. What was his character called?
    Dylan Young
  23. What secret was Derek hiding from Meredith in season 1?
    that he was married
  24. Why did Derek move to Seattle?
    His wife cheated on him with his best friend.
  25. What is Derek Shepherd’s specialty?
  26. How many times has Miranda Bailey been married?
  27. How did George O’Malley die at the end of season 5?
    He was hit by a bus
  28. What was Preston Burke’s specialty?
    Cardiothoracic surgery
  29. What bar do doctors like to go to after work?
    The Emerald City Bar (although primarily referred to as Joe’s, the name of the bartender / owner)
  30. Which character has a photographic memory?
    Lexie gray
  31. What is Addison Montgomery’s specialty?
    Neonatal surgery
  32. Who is Izzie Stevens cutting LVAD thread from in season 2?
    Denny duquette
  33. How much money did Denny leave Izzie with in his will?
    $ 8.7 million
  34. What was Denny expecting on the donor list?
    A new heart
  35. Which well-known actor played Denny?
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  36. What was the name of Meredith’s dog?
  37. Which well-known actor made an appearance as Meredith’s veterinarian boyfriend?
    Chris O’Donnell
  38. What was the nickname of his character?
  39. Who did George have a crush on when the show started?
  40. What is the significance of the glittering pager in season 4?
    Whoever the resident is, he has the possibility to undergo the surgery of his choice among the other residents
  41. What other profession has Izzie tried his hand at?
  42. What secret did Meredith keep about her mother in season 1?
    That she had Alzheimer’s disease
  43. What STD does George contract in season 1?
  44. How many kids do Derek and Meredith have?
  45. In Season 6, which resident gets shot first in the hospital shooting?
  46. What are their names?
    Zola, Bailey and Ellis
  47. Where did George and Callie get married?
    Las Vegas
  48. What is Derek’s middle name?
  49. Which character played in the spinoff series, Private practice?
    Addison montgomery
  50. Of the five main characters – Izzie, Cristina, Meredith, George and Alex – who failed their internship exam?
  51. Who replaced Preston Burke as head of cardio in season 4?
    Dr Erica Hahn
  52. Who does Hahn share a romantic relationship with?
  53. What does Meredith’s former best friend Sadie call her nickname?
  54. What does Meredith call Sadie?
    To die
  55. Which famous actor inherited the role of Derek Shepherd?
    Rob lowe
  56. What injury did Mark Sloan receive while having sex with Lexie?
    A broken penis
  57. Who A tree hill stars made cameos on Grey’s?
    Jana Kramer, Joy Lez and Hilarie Burton
  58. What was George’s nickname?
  59. Where did Ellen Pompeo and her character, Meredith, grow up?
  60. Why is Andrew DeLuca getting killed in season 17?
    He discovers a human trafficking network
  61. After Hahn leaves, who becomes the new cardio manager?
    Teddy bear Altman
  62. What other production have Patrick Dempsey and Kevin McKidd been in?
    Made of honor (2008)
  63. Which specialty does Alex Karev end up choosing?
  64. Who plays Teddy’s first husband, Henry, in season 7?
    Scott foley
  65. What beauty accident happens to Cristina on her wedding day in season 3?
    A hair removal accident that removes her eyebrows
  66. Why did they get married?
    So Henry could use Teddy’s medical insurance
  67. What is Jo Wilson’s real name?
  68. Who does April lose her virginity to?
    Jackson avery
  69. Who did Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) originally want to be her sweetheart?
    Justin Chambers (Dr Alex Karev)
  70. What’s the name of the nurse Derek Shepherd broke up with Meredith with?
  71. Who Grey’s the character continued to star in the spinoff series, Station 19?
    Ben warren
  72. What stabs Cristina in season 5 when she meets Owen Hunt?
    Ice Cube
  73. What part of Derek’s body was seriously injured in the Season 8 plane crash?
    Her hand
  74. Where is Cristina moving temporarily after the events of the plane crash?
  75. What did Katherine Heigl cite as the reason she gave up on Emmy consideration for herself? Grey’s role in 2008?
    A lack of material that would justify an appointment
  76. What’s the name of Meredith’s father?
  77. Which three actors played in the two Grey’s and scream 3?
    Scott Foley, Neve Campbell and Patrick Dempsey
  78. What did he die of in season 15?
  79. What does Teddy and Owen name their daughter?
  80. What prestigious award is Cristina nominated for in season 10?
    Harper avery
  81. Does she win?
  82. At the end of season 10, Cristina is given the opportunity to run her own research hospital in which country?
  83. Who made him this offer?
    Preston Burke
  84. When Cristina leaves, what does she call Meredith (and not Derek)?
    The sun
  85. Who are Maggie Pierce’s biological parents?
    Ellis Gray and Richard Webber
  86. Why did Jo initially turn down Alex’s offer?
    Because she is already married
  87. How did Derek Shepherd die?
    Serious brain damage as a result of a car accident
  88. What is Owen’s sister called?
  89. How does Matthieu propose to April?
    With a flashmob
  90. Where do Arizona, Callie and Sofia end up moving?
    new York
  91. Who was Amelia Shepherd’s mentor?
    Tom koracick
  92. Why does Alex finally leave Seattle and end his marriage to Jo?
    The revelation that Izzie secretly had her twins
  93. What is Meredith’s specialty?
    General surgery
  94. Who caught Callie dancing in her underwear while she was temporarily living in the hospital?
    Richard webber
  95. What are Grey’s Anatomy episodes named after?
    Song titles
  96. Which music superstar has a cat named after Meredith Gray?
    Taylor Swift
  97. How old was Maggie when she graduated from medical school?
  98. In what season did the show stop using its opening theme sequence?
    Season 2
  99. Who is Izzie hallucinating because of her brain tumor?
  100. What was the song played in the original opening?
    “Cozy in the Rocket” by Psapp
  101. Which OG character doesn’t visit Meredith on the beach in Season 17?
    Cristina Yang


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