100 Bar Q&A You Should Know (& The Unexpected Stories Behind The Answers)


Geeks who drink gifts: Duh!
100 bar questions & questions you should know (and the unexpected stories behind the answers)
Paperback | Light up
Edited by Christopher D. Short
Publisher: Abrams Image
Release Date: September 3, 2019

According to their website, the aptly titled geekswhodrink.com, Geeks who drink is a Denver-based company that hosts Bar Trivia in more than 800 pubs and restaurants in 46 states. Unlike a typical “quiz night”? ? their quizzes are the collective efforts of dozens of quiz masters, writers, fact checkers, graphic designers and artists. Several of my friends are great Bar Trivia aficionados and for the nut of trivia in your life here is the accompaniment par excellence: Geeks Who Drink Presents: Duh!, edited by Christophe D. Court.

The 200+ page book distributed by Adams Media is packed with fun questions, answers and anecdotes that will make the bar even more fun. The chapters are divided using 100 questions ranging from topics such as “Jock Scraps”? ? (sports), “Eat me” ?? (food), “Statecrap” ?? (history and geography) and “Uh-oh, this is a science chapter (well, you guessed it).

As a history teacher, I liked browsing the Statecrap section. Who was the first president without a law degree? Who was the first president with a middle name? Think before you answer, but follow Occam’s razor. The book even says that they offer questions designed to try to make you think too much.

Editor-in-chief Christopher D. Short has been six times Danger champion, but now he’s the editor of Geeks Who Drink. This collection is perfect if you’re not up for a night out at the bar. You can invite friends over, open a 6-pack, and pass this book around. Keep score or just swap questions and answers until you get drunk. Or just leave it in the living room or even in the bathroom as it makes for quick and fun reading in almost any environment.

100 hilarious essays, based on blindingly obvious questions, from the makers of Geeks Who Drink “” led by six times Jeopardy! champion, Christopher D. Short.

The best trivia questions are usually the ones that are right on the tip of your tongue “” so obvious you might not know the answer at first glance, but you should.

In Duh, America’s greatest pub quiz masters, Geeks Who Drink, will take quiz enthusiasts on a journey through 100 of our toughest questions. Along the way we will explore the hills and blind corners that make random knowledge so much fun. In hilarious, informative, bite-sized essays, we’ll explore mysteries not really like:

-How many stars are there on the Texas state flag?
-Odlaw is the arch enemy of which children’s book character?
-What is the last word in the King James Bible?

Even if you already know the “what”? ? “” And you couldn’t! And the when, where and how. In the end, you might feel dumber, but you’ll be smarter. We almost guarantee it!

By the way, it would be a (only) star, Waldo, and “Amen.” ?? Uh!

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